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  1. Hi, I need to dump php / html output of a single page to "Swifmailer" I was prevouisly using the $MesBody = <<<ENDFF1 ..... php generated text ENDFF1; Any other recomodations.
  2. Hi, I’m using PHP OOP and created an instance of the class and stored the content inside a $_SESSION['cart'] 1... I can validate, if “prid” exists in the session with this …. How would i check for "prid" and "prflavour" Mango ? if (isset($_SESSION['cart'][12])) 2... I need to update the quantity when both conditions "prid" and "prflavour" are met. how do i change this $_SESSION['cart'][$_GET['prid']]-> to work with prid and prflavour $_SESSION['cart'][$_GET['prid']]->updateQuantity(123) sample of the $_SESSION['cart'] Array ( [13] => Item Object ( [prid:protected] => 13 [prname:protected] => Meal [prflavour:protected] => Mango [prqty:protected] => 10 ) [12] => Item Object ( [prid:protected] => 12 [prname:protected] => Milk [prflavour:protected] => [prqty:protected] => 123 ) )
  3. hi The value of the input tag need to be added to a href tag. Is it possible to get the value of qty1 without using jquery or posting of a form. Need to create <a Href tag.. echo "<td> <input type=\"text\" name=\"qty1\" id=\"qty1\" autocomplete=\"off\"></td>" . "<td><a href=\"index123.php?qty1='+document.getElementById('qty1').value'&prodid=" . $product1->id . "\">add product</a>"
  4. On the clean win 7 machine... installed uwamp... same issue with vhost.sourceforge.net. I thought let me allow it to connect once... maybe an update. works fine until you restart your pc and start uwamp.... then it starts phones back to vhost.sourceforge.net. I think all the applications for windows using the same code from sourceforge, if im wrong sorry....... Comments recommendation welcome... The apache version 2.22.2 is clean only the later versions have this issue..
  5. I have a other win7 pc that is clean. (Only win7 and Office loaded.) Will install the application and see whats the story... Thanks
  6. Hi, XAMPP software... If I click on mysql Admin. getting an outband traffic request to vhost.sourceforge.net ip remote port 80 local 49489 its not my host file.. if you ping vhost.sourceforge.net with your " vhost... ) example you will a reply van localhost. Im getting from I also checked my hosts. entry not found. The phpMyAdmin configuration storage is not completely configured, some extended features have been deactivated.
  7. I tried another one XAMPP 3.2.1.. on windows.. If i start the mysql and click on the admin button.. it tries to connect to vhost.sourceforge.net. Any ideas how to solve this.. ?
  8. just do a quick test... wamp phone home everytime u use it... just disable you internet and try to use phpmyadmin. Restart your pc and then do the test...
  9. Hi, Im currently running wamp with Apache:2.2.22 and PHP 5.4.31 on windows 7 I want to use Apache 2.4?? but it requires a connection to the internet to authenticate something with vhost.sourceforge.net If you block access PHPMyAdmin / MYsql stop working. You can test my theory... block access to vhost.sourceforge.net and mysql stop working. I tried it with Wamp server, UwAmp, Uniform_Server Thanks
  10. Thanks for your input... I’m using an autoloader for the classes. The problem was intermittent. After I hardcoded the require_once it seems to be stable. I was also using a older version of wamp with apache 2.22.2
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