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  1. How could I do this to show multiple results? Say if array A&B both contain the text I am looking for? Any ideas?
  2. Hi. I have a list of products and each have parts which in turn have their own codes. I need to find the correct part when I have the code. So in the example below, I already have the code '8R195'. I want to check through all the arrays and find which one contains this code, so the output would be A in this case. Any help greatly appreciated $item1 => Array ( ('A') => array('825R15', '825R16', '65R17', '21575R175', '8R195'), ('B') => array('10R225', '825x20', '900R20'), ('C') => array('15R225', '29575R225', '30570R225', '38565R225') )
  3. Hi I have an ecom site and some customers prefer to call with their order. I was thinking of creating an online 'shopping list' popup where they can type their order whilst browsing the site and then send via email when they're ready. I'm not sure what to look for if there is anything like this already available. Does anybody know of any type of widget/plugin/functionality I could use for this? Thanks Sam
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