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  1. Hi all! How do I, with PHP, via SNMP update a "DESCRIPTION" field on a PORT for a CISCO SWITCH? Any experts who dare to take this challange question? Thank you for your help! --Andreas
  2. Hi all! This might be a question that should be put on another forum, but I don't know where, so I try it here. If you have a WINS server set up (yes, for networking, WINS), the WINS entries are added in a .mdb database. I tried to open the wins.mdb with MS Access 2003 but that didn't work. So I figure that it is the database engine JET that is behind this. Anyone got a tip/solution of a utility making it possible for me to extract the data from the wins.mdb since I don't want to log on to the SERVER itself and use the MS WINS utility (by the way, you are not able to export entries from that tools either). Thankful 4 any kind of help! --Andreas
  3. Hello, I don't get it how to use the Add Parameter function when creating a RecordSet (in advance mode) and you can add "variables". My situation is like this: I have a page which has some PHP code that sets the variable $ttoday to the current weekday (ie Monday, Tuesday etc.). I have done it this way: [!--PHP-Head--][div class=\'phptop\']PHP[/div][div class=\'phpmain\'][!--PHP-EHead--] [span style=\"color:#0000BB\"]<?php $ttoday [/span][span style=\"color:#007700\"]= [/span][span style=\"color:#0000BB\"]date[/span][span style=\"color:#007700\"]([/span][span style=\"color:#DD0000\"]\'l\'[/span][span style=\"color:#007700\"]); [/span][span style=\"color:#0000BB\"]?> [/span] [/span][!--PHP-Foot--][/div][!--PHP-EFoot--] At the same time I have a RecordSet that should search in a MySQL Database after all records that have the matching weekday as I put into the variable $ttoday. Now, how do I do this? Do I do it in the RecordSet dialog in advance mode using the Variables or on a even simpler way? Thanx 4 any kind of help! Andreas
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