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  1. It is nice, but I dont think the buttons work. They are too large as mcspringer said and I dont think the font is very professional. I would perhaps make some nicer CSS style buttons rather than using image. The same goes for the font for the header, it doesnt really look all that professional.

  2. Hi there, it is a good idea, people will always like free image hosting sites, and yours is simple and quick, unlike Photobucket (in my opinion). The homepage looks good but the ads look kinda out of place, you need something to finish of the page underneath the black.

  3. I'm assuming that SB3.png is the light blue background column:


    <div style="background-image:url("SB3.png"); height:600px; height:100px; padding: 10px; text-align:center">
    .: Main :.
    <!-- Your links go here -->



    Also, your random background PHP script. Wouldnt it have been better to just name the background image files "SB1_1.png", "SB1_2.png", etc. Then simply have: background=SB1_<?php echo $rand; ?>.png ;)

  4. Hey there, if you are familiar with Javascript (even if you are not, you will not find it that difficult as you know PHP), then you should pick up AJAX pretty well. Take a look at the link in my signature to get started with it. When you work it out, you should literally be able to build it as you would any other application, but instead of using page refreshes, use AJAX. Hope that helps.

  5. No offence but it looks like a FPJ (Front Page Job). If it wasn't, then you need to work on your design. The buttons like steelmanronald06 said are too far apart and these days there is no reason to have those horrible images as the buttons, you need to use CSS. The site is generally plain, with not much too it and also, the site cant be working too well because the only person to have bought any pixels is the website itself :S

  6. One piece of advice: don't use tables. Also it isnt a good idea having a background image and trying to line things up exactly, you would be better off having a <div> and styling the CSS so you get the blue column behind it.

  7. [quote author=crashmaster link=topic=101603.msg402560#msg402560 date=1153750268]
    I want to sorry :) BUt Username and Password I've posted isnt correct.. I was looking to another database :D
    So If you want you can login there : admin | admin
    Sorry... :P

    [quote]Your naviagation is made of images, which isn't need instead you could produce the same result with CSS.
    I am not sure that i understand this sentence... IF I can use CSSS insted of Images...Tell me how : ?

    To remove square from all images, but not from main [ [square]blacksun] ?? I will try :) But all FUN is that we will sell t-shirts... designs of T-shirts will create I and 2 my friends... And all friends are studying art school, deisgn, interier design..and nobody had never said: Remove thiis squares :D

    You dont like my self-done buttons ?? If text will not be bold...It will lose in background...and It doesnt like very well...after a few minutes you will fill pain in your eyes..

    Why dont you like TimeNewRomans???

    It is nice, but like wildteen88 said, you should lose the Times New Roman font. Why? Because it is horrible. You should only really stick to Arial, Verdana, Tahoma or maybe Trebuchet MS. You should also make the left navigation nicer.
  8. [quote author=hitman6003 link=topic=100925.msg399003#msg399003 date=1153184292]
    You probably did not create a true excel file...probably a csv that excel opened and was able to manipulate.  I don't think it's possible to create a true MS word file without using COM.  You can write .txt and I think .rtf files in straight text which word will manipulate.  The rtf (rich text format, which is what wordpad produces) MS Word will work with, and you can apply formatting to the text...bold, italic, and such.

    I might have to go with the RTF option as a customer wants basically to be able to get a script to generate letters that he can "mail merge" in Word.

    Also, about the Excel file, it wasn't a CSV file, it was an XLS file. Basically if you write to one using fwrite() etc, you can use the tab character "\t" to move to each cell. I will post the script when I find it in a minute out of interest.
  9. Does anyone know if it is possible? I understand you need the COM extension on a Microsoft Server, but is there a way to get it to work on a Linux system?

    Also, can't you just use fwrite()? I have made an Excel document using only PHP's functions so maybe it is possible with Word?
  10. Not really. It is called a captcha and can be used as long as you have the GD library extension installed with PHP (most installations do by default).

    The code for this is below. In a file called "captcha.php" which you include where you want to display the actual image put this code:

    $IMGVER_TempString = "";
    for($i=1; $i<=4; $i++) {
    $IMGVER_TempString .= GetRandomChar();

    $_SESSION["IMGVER_RndText"] = $IMGVER_TempString;

    function GetRandomChar() {


    $IMGVER_RandVal = mt_rand(1,3);

    switch ($IMGVER_RandVal) {

    case 1:
    $IMGVER_RandVal = mt_rand(97, 122);
    case 2:
    $IMGVER_RandVal = mt_rand(48, 57);
    case 3:
    $IMGVER_RandVal = mt_rand(65, 90);


    return chr($IMGVER_RandVal);


    echo '<img src="img.php?'.SID.'" border="0" />';

    Then you will need another file called "img.php" which generates the random text on the image:

    $IMGVER_IMAGE = imagecreate(110,40);

    $IMGVER_COLOR_BLACK = imagecolorallocate($IMGVER_IMAGE, 0, 0, 0);
    $IMGVER_COLOR_WHITE = imagecolorallocate($IMGVER_IMAGE, 255, 255, 255);

    imagefill($IMGVER_IMAGE, 0, 0, $IMGVER_COLOR_BLACK);

    $IMGVER_RandomText = $_SESSION["IMGVER_RndText"];

    imagechar($IMGVER_IMAGE, 4, 20, 13, $IMGVER_RandomText[0] ,$IMGVER_COLOR_WHITE);
    imagechar($IMGVER_IMAGE, 5, 40, 13, $IMGVER_RandomText[1] ,$IMGVER_COLOR_WHITE);
    imagechar($IMGVER_IMAGE, 3, 60, 13, $IMGVER_RandomText[2] ,$IMGVER_COLOR_WHITE);
    imagechar($IMGVER_IMAGE, 4, 80, 13, $IMGVER_RandomText[3] ,$IMGVER_COLOR_WHITE);

    header("Content-type: image/jpeg");

    Then on your form when you test if the form has been submitted also check the captcha matches a text field that you have placed next to it (in this case called "captchaTextField"):

    if(isset($_POST['submitButton'])) {
    if($_POST['captchaTextField'] == $_SESSION['IMGVER_RndText']) {
    // Handle your form here...

  11. You can do if you want to, by putting this code at the top of the page:

    // Array of all IPs blocked, you can get this from a database if you wish
    $ips = array("", "123.45.678.90", "");

    if(in_array($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'], $ips)) {
    print("You have been banned from this website and are unable to view it.");
  12. OK. You basically have to get your data from the database and echo it in an HTML select menu. Like this:

    // connect to your database here
    $conn = mysql_connect("localhost", "dbuser", "dbpass");
    mysql_select_db("dbname", $conn);

    // Make the query
    $sql = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM players");

    // Start the html select menu
    $html = '"<select name="player_menu" id="player_menu">";

    // Echo the results in a loop and add each option
    while($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($sql)) {
        $html .= '<option value="'.$row['player_id'].'">'.$row['player_name'].'</option>\n';

    // End the html select menu
    $html .= '</select>';

    // Echo the select menu
    echo $html;

    You may need to change some table/field names but it should work. :)

    Hope that helps,

  13. Yep, just make your query, in this case selecting all records from the database and "mysql_num_rows()" returns the number of results. Also, I would recommend taking a look at phpfreak's tutorial: http://www.phpfreaks.com/tutorials/73/0.php
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