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  1. Yes I forgot to add that to the list, but I have done that. This problem is linked with this topic: [a href=\"http://www.phpfreaks.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=88176\" target=\"_blank\"]http://www.phpfreaks.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=88176[/a], where some of the settings in the php.ini file will not update. If you could help there, it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Sorry to bump again, but this is a large problem that I have been working on all day. I have discovered that some of the settings are not reading properly, ini_get() and phpinfo() display different from what is in the php.ini file. I know it is the correct file as the location is correct listed on the phpinfo(), and some settings such as "memory_limit" do change.

    Thanks again.
  3. [!--quoteo(post=354144:date=Mar 12 2006, 10:55 AM:name=pneudralics)--][div class=\'quotetop\']QUOTE(pneudralics @ Mar 12 2006, 10:55 AM) [snapback]354144[/snapback][/div][div class=\'quotemain\'][!--quotec--]
    I just wanted to know what the % is for. It's in a table and when you view it it shows the word TITLE.

    <table style="width:100%;" class="mainmenu5" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="4">
                <td style="font-size:8pt;">

    Looks like a templating system. Is a script you have downloaded? If it is, then there will be a PHP that searches through your html files and replaces the text like above with actual content.
  4. I am trying to update some of the settings in my php.ini file, however certain things will not update. Settings such as "memory_limit" will update fine after restarting Apache, but when I try and update "upload_max_filesize" or "post_max_size", they will not update at all and will only stay as the default value.

    Does anyone know why?
  5. Ok I have a script that will be used eventually to upload music and videos. I have got this working brilliantly, have tried with some songs and found that it only accepts files under 2MB. OK, I thought, I will change the settings... However I have spent hours searching for a solution and all things say the same things, all of which I have tried. I tried the following things:[list][*]Added a hidden field before the file field called "MAX_FILE_SIZE". I set this to 26214400 (25MB).[*]Changed the "max_execution_time" from 30 to 300 in the php.ini file.[*]Changed the "max_input_time" from 60 to 600 in the php.ini file.[*]Changed the "memory_limit" from 8M to 128M in the php.ini file.[*]Changed the "post_max_size" from 2M to 2048M in the php.ini file. This is what I thought would solve it![*]Made sure "file_uploads" setting is set to on.[*]Changed the "upload_max_filesize" from 2M to 2048M in the php.ini file.[*]Added the "LimitRequestBody" setting in the Apache httpd.conf file to 2147483648 (2GB)[/list]Does anyone here know why this will not work? I desperately need to get this working. I have full access to all configuration files is necessary.


  6. [!--quoteo(post=322000:date=Nov 25 2005, 06:51 PM:name=executive)--][div class=\'quotetop\']QUOTE(executive @ Nov 25 2005, 06:51 PM) 322000[/snapback][/div][div class=\'quotemain\'][!--quotec--]

    Well obviously AJAX is great, speeds things up and is very cool to play with, and make great web applications that run smoother, however one of the reasons i say it won't be "the next boom" is because its javascript. SE don't read Javascript, so you can't make a whole site out of AJAX. Only application type things can be made AJAX, such as a domain name look up that i made a while back.


    I mean its great everyone knows that, however, don't get so carried away with it... Seriously, you can barely make about 3 different ways of an AJAX engine. The reason i say this is because it isn't a very broad subject to be called a "next boom", something like PHP is!


    Well I think making an entire site out of AJAX wouldnt really be a good idea, it would be purely for adding applications to your website and implementing XML docs, etc. to your website. However virtually anything that needs a page load could be improved with the use AJAX.


  7. This is just something that I am wondering about in AJAX. I know how to change stuff dynamically using AJAX without reloading the page, but I understand that you can get stuff to change dynamically automatically without you having to do anything.


    As far as I know you have to trigger on one of the javascript event handlers (onload, onclick, onmouseover, etc.) So how can this happen? Any ideas?

  8. i'm with gast on this one... i was also thinking a green theme would be nice for a change. i like the idea of having a different color scheme for each major differentiation of the web freaks... although since it's tied so closely to PHP, it wouldn't hurt to have it blue, either .



    Don't know if Eric has noticed this yet, but I am sure he will.


    BTW, guys. Me and obsidian are working on a project and are thinking of using AJAX. We have already used some stuff, but one of the things we are thinking of doing is a sort of shopping system (it isnt an e-commerce website, btw) with ajax that will fade out products you cannot afford and add to your cart, update your money, all without reloading the page.

  9. The buzzword is out. AJAX. I've seen it, you've probably seen it, but it's going to be in our faces before we know it! A method to combine practically all of our favorite programming languages together to make some killer web applications.


    We registered ajaxfreaks.com about two weeks ago and we're planning to build a site just like phpfreaks.com but for AJAX.


    Who's interested in helping build some of the intial tutorials / content? If you are post here and let's plan something out.


    We can more than likely just copy phpfreaks, change some of the look and code and have AJAXFreaks.com!  We've got some ideas to tie the communities together, so let us know what you think.


    I'm interested to hear what you have to say. I honestly think AJAX is going to be the next BOOM on the internet.



    BTW, Eric, I know you said that you could just copy PHPFreaks, but if you are willing to let people help with the design I would be happy to help. Also, wouldnt it be a good idea to use some AJAX on the actual site? :)

  10. If I had more time to learn, I might try out DreamWeaver more and PHP Design Programs



    I recommend you do. It can make your life a lot easier, espeically when coding in PHP. Because of colour-coded syntax's it makes it a lot easier to find errors and writing code.


    *snip* by ober - I'm probably over my bounds here, but we shouldn't be encouraging that... mainly for legal reasons.

  11. i don't see any popular FP clones out there



    Probably because FP isnt that popular itself.


    About the DW generated code: you can always tell when a site is built in dreamweaver because in the source you see the Javascript function names of "MM_jumpMenu", etc. :)


  12. Sorry for posting a bit late, only just discovered this thread:


    My name is Niall, I'm 16 years old. And no, I havent been studying computers since I was about 4, I only got my first computer when I was 10! And only really got into web design in general around June 2004. Since then taught myself a bit of everything, now just focusing on PHP/MySQL, AJAX etc.

  13. So what is the deal on this? When will we start working on AJAXFreaks??? I am excited.


    So what is the deal on this? When will we start working on AJAXFreaks??? I am excited.



    I think most people, like myself, are taking the time to familiarise themselves with AJAX so that when the site is built we will actually be able to help people. Also, I don't know why but I see AJAXFreaks.com being a dark red colour for some reason, but that is up to phpfreak and the other guys!


    About AJAX: I have started to look into it, but after reading and looking through the standard setup (which at first looked scary) of setting up the XMLHttpRequest object in JavaScript it doesnt seem that hard. With the aid of a few tutorials I managed to make a form that when you put in a US zip code it automatically fills the two other input fields with the name of the city and area code as well as a drop down menu that will instantly change the content of a <div> tag.


    For people interested, check out these websites:


    http://www.phpbuilder.com/columns/kassemi20050606.php3 (Part 1)

    http://www.phpbuilder.com/columns/kassemi20050613.php3 (Part 2)



    Let me know of any other sites, guys!

  14. This may seem a bit picky and is just because of personal preference. To the submit buttons you should add a "cursor:pointer" so it looks like a link. Believe it or not some people wouldn't know to click it otherwise :)


    Looks good though.

  15. ok, i'm completley new to php, but have used dreamweaver for several months for html pages.  i know you use php to build a forum, so does anybody know how to build a simple bb code php forum in dreamweaver?  something like a scaled down version of this forum is what i'm aiming for.



    I dont think there is such as a simple forum script. Why not download something like phpBB, IVB or vBulletin. Then you could edit it.

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