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  1. I am trying to figure out the best way to record page impressions in my MySQL database. This count will be coming from multiple websites and webpages, so could be millions per day. I could run into the problem of exceeding max connections to my database if thousands of connections are made at the same time. Would opening a persistent connection remove the problem of exceeding max connections or should I increase the number of max connections my database will allow?
  2. I want to purchase cloud servers from DigitalOcean, however I know very little about managing and maintaining servers (I just develop the websites). I know what I need without knowing how to do it. So my first alternative is to pay a company to look after my servers for me so they must understand my business. My second alternative is to find an individual and pay him/her. I have done a few Google searches but I cannot find companies that do this, I guess I'm searching for the wrong things. Do you know of any companies that do this or recommend any? I know that Rackspace do "Managed Operations" but at this point it is far too expensive. Certain things I require the businesses or individual to be able to do is: Load balancing Adding or Increasing servers without downtime What other Google searches do you think I should try?
  3. Let's say I have 1 table and 100 rows in this table. The table is simple and only contains an Auto Increment ID field and a load_count field. Every time a web page is loaded this query is executed and load_count is increased by 1 ... UPDATE table_name SET load_count = load_count + 1 WHERE ID = $number How can I test the limit my server can handle this query per second. Will I run into errors at 10 page loads per second or at 1000? How can I emulate 'x' number of page loads per second and record results for how MySQL performs?
  4. I have spent lots of time trying to design a nice structure for my project and I would like some feedback to what you guys think, please note this is the first time I've ever done anything like this. About My Project I am creating a service where advertisers can search through a catalog of websites they want to directly advertise on. Once they have found a website, they can upload an image, pay the fees and start advertising on that website instantly. I have designed an image of how I think the structure should look, I have designed it this way for efficiency but I am pretty sure I could improve with some help. If you need more info or have any questions, please ask. Project Structure Design Image Thanks for reading, what do you think about this structure? Can I improve it?
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