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  1. Thanks for your post. The post helps! I would be looking to know if it has worked out for yourself? Or have you nevertheless gotten law suites too? Did you have had to pay one fine before? Or would you say I could be one would could go about what you wrote in your post above?
  2. I understand your post. Though, I have had heard from website owners how they have had gotten law suites, usually they do not specify this much further, and other website owners do not mention this at all. So in regards to your post I was not sure if it would work out by doing in that way. To what type of lawyer may I have to go to?
  3. There are websites like Soundcloud, Soundclick, MySpace and more. The Question: How to not get a law suite as a website owner when copyright protected music or in other words music from the retail has gotten uploaded? Will moderating it and having it frequently taken down do the job? I know that the users themselves could get researched too. The site owner could get requested to give out IP addresses. Though, I kept this separately from that question. I basically would be looking to be safe and not get a law suite. I would appreciate the suggestions a lot.
  4. I can click on the HDD icon in Windows Explorer and have them spin up. When it comes to your suggestion in the "Power Options" I only have those options like "when to put the computer to sleep". I would appreciate it if somebody who knows about this issue would let me know.
  5. Thanks Monkuar, I tried the second link and it worked out great.
  6. I did google, I found various ones, but not necessarily something I liked too much. Then I found one and I did not know what "granulaty" is.
  7. Hey, does anybody know a good function, where I can have the trendy "time ago" functionality? A good tutorial would be cool, too. I would be using the datetime function off MySQL.
  8. Does anybody know what type of software (program) is used to make a cartoon movie (like Dragonball Z)?
  9. Does somebody know, where the issue is when the external hard drives respond very slow to a point where one can not copy over a small sized file? I have this issue with different types of external hard drives. I am using Windows 8.
  10. The auto save plugin for CKEditor does its job the way its described in the quote above. I was wondering if there is a way to have the web based text editor for my blog, the way the Wordpress text editor is, with an auto save (draft) function? Is there a web based text editor with such function, which would enable me this?
  11. mogosselin, thanks for the response. I also meant using "pdo". Though, as of now, I am using "bindValue()" with this I can freely use SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE. So I figured it out "till to this" on how to do this with OOP and prepared statements.
  12. I guess one definitely needs a workplace first for a working visa. I guess it can get difficult,. Yet, you could try working for Facebook? Have you thought about that before?
  13. The Connection: <?php $dsn = "mysql:dbname=phpblog;host=localhost"; $user = "root"; $password = ""; try{ $pdo = new PDO($dsn, $user, $password); }catch(PDOException $e){ echo "Connection failed: " . $e->getMessage(); } ?> The Script: <?php $query = $pdo->prepare("SELECT * FROM posts WHERE id = ?"); $query->bindValue("1", $_GET['post_id']); $query->execute(); ?> I want to print the column "headline" on screen. I know how to do it with a foreach loop: Example: foreach($query as $data){ echo $data['headline']; } What can I do there?
  14. Thanks for the responses. I have had mispelled the column "post" into "posts" in MySQL. After correcting the spelling mistake it is working now.
  15. This UPDATE script works: $query = $pdo->prepare("UPDATE posts SET headline = ? WHERE id = ?"); $query->bindValue("1", $_POST['headline']); $query->bindValue("2", "2"); $query->execute(); Though, this INSERT script does not work: $query = $pdo->prepare("INSERT INTO posts (headline, post) VALUES (?, ?)"); $query->bindValue("1", $_POST['headline']); $query->bindValue("2", $_POST['post']); $query->execute(); Nothing gets added, when executing this script. The connection: <?php $dsn = "mysql:dbname=phpblog;host=localhost"; $user = "root"; $password = ""; try{ $pdo = new PDO($dsn, $user, $password); }catch(PDOException $e){ echo "Connection failed: " . $e->getMessage(); } ?> Any suggestions why the INSERT script is not working?
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