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  1. Thanks for your response Jac, I think I will continue on with my framework then and do as you suggested. I already use the last 3 options you suggested. I'm going to look into twig. I know Laravel prides them self on their coding etiquette, but I don't like the idea of being bound to someones development long term. I'm very OCD with how my code is presented and documented... anyways, I appreciate you taking the time to give me some encouragement and options.
  2. I guess to further give some knowledge on what my basic uses are with my framework. Currently my framework incorporate user accounts, business accounts, email accounts, easy implementation of self-applications and widgets into websites, newsletters, blogs, file uploads, account and business-based schedules, employee timeclocks, and recently a store application that can plugin to any of my websites with 3 lines of code, that handles store inventory, online selling through paypals new 2017 php-sdk. If I switch to a framework or CMS i would definately like to re-write a lot of these features in
  3. Hi, I have been a php and java server developer for around 10 to 11 years now. I have my own php framework that I have built up from scratch that I have put several years into by myself. I'm currently working on a website project that is expected to have a 800,000+ users. I'm considering abandoning my own framework for now and learning a framework that is developed by a team and progressively updated. I've read into quite a few CMS and Frameworks just trying to consider my options. Lately, I've been listening to some podcasts and they all claim to use wordpress. I have also been referred to it
  4. Jacques1 I'm going to try and make some major changes to shift out of using global id's and make more tables for different things as you suggested. Thank you!
  5. For the business I work for I have a platform setup that handles everything from messages to photos to blogs etc. I have two tables that show id releations: CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS Relations ( sender int(9), receiver int(9), relation tinyINT NOT NULL DEFAULT 0 /* -1=Delete, 0=[Add]Pending, 1=related, 2=Blocked */ ); CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS Rating ( owner int(9), id int(9), rating tinyint(1) /* - 0 through 9 rating - */ ); With these tables I can relate any ID to any ID: With relations table I can relate a user to any other user, or to any other group ETC... With the r
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