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  1. Hi, I have a table `assessments` as shown below id date username provider ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1 2015-09-15 me1@me.com provider_1_name@me.com 2 2016-03-15 me1@me.com provider_1_name@me.com 3 2016-09-07 me1@me.com provider_1_name@me.com 4 2015-09-07 me2@me.com provider_2_name@me.com 5 2016-03-07 me2@me.com provider_2_name@me.com 6 2016-09-07 me2@me.com
  2. Hi guys, Never done anything like this, so wondering how you would go about doing it. Imagine a document that has three check boxes (Yes, No, Maybe) and one of them must be marked with an 'X' when printed and handed to some fictional office. Now online, I would prefer to code a single drop-down menu with the three options that saves the answer to my db. However, I'm not sure how I would get the saved data to be placed, in the proper checkbox, on the outputted form when I create a PDF. Would you save the data to one db field or would you create three separate db fields; one for each possi
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