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  1. Does anyone even write clean code anymore?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. deathbeam


      I don´t, I just do not knew what smiley I should put there :D

    3. Monkuar


      What's clean code? :D

    4. .josh


      welcome to the real world, where red tape and deadlines exist


  2. You wrote really neat unnecessary code to find out its defeats it's purpose; Yet, you defend your code till your last breath with a shred of hope that one day it will become worth something. That is love.

  3. Not sure what your talking about but php does have access modifiers class phpfreak{ protected age; protected height; protected function getage(){ return $this->name; } protected function getheight(){ return $this->height; } } class create_freak extends phpfreak{ public function create_freak($age, $height){ $this->age = 20;//protected $this->height = 100;//Protected } public function get(){ return Array(parent::getage(), parent::getheight()); } } $create_a_freak = new create_frea
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