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  1. Hi sKunKbad, I have created file as normal user(not root) and given permissions g+s as suggested by you. But still the same problem. Then i created the file with sudo user as root and then done setgid and changed group to apache. But i am not able to read the file in web server. File is located in /var/tmp folder. And my apache root directory is /var/www/html. My php code of reading the file is in root directory folder. Hi requinix, I have not found safe mode of php in php.ini. Does safe mode will impact the operation?
  2. I have given 777 permissions and also tried by changing the owner to apache by chown apache filename. In error logs it shows: failed to open stream. Permission Denied.
  3. I am using apache web server on linux. I am using php for coding. My php code is not able to read the files from /var/tmp folder. If apache itself creates some files in /var/tmp folder then php code is able to read it. Why this permission denied issues are there though full access permissions are given to each file?
  4. The file which is read by web server is a configuration file. This file contains the system configuration data set at that point of time. So it will be written by another algorithm. And web server gives the permission to update the configuration settings to the user. So apache web server need both read and write permission to the file whose owner is different. Read - to read at start system settings Write - to update the setting as per user requirement. Where can i find safe mode?
  5. I am using apache web server on linux. I am using PHP for web designing. On web server, i want to show the configuration data by reading the ini file. I am creating this ini file from one php code itself. If this php code i run through linux terminal, the file is created with file and group owner as root.(i am having sudo rights on machine) Then if i try to read the ini file from my apache web server, it gives warning as failed to open stream: permission denied. I have tried changing the owner, and permissions to 777 of the file. Still it is not readable. On the other hand, if i run the php code of ini file creation through web server, ini file is created with file and group owner as apche. and web server is able to read/ write the file. But i want to create that file from root or some other user and later read/written by apache. How to give this access permission?

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