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  1. I am a freelance programmer from India having more than 14 years experience in web development and 8 years experience in PHP/MySQL. I am very interested in long term business relationship with web designers or internet marketeers. Please check out my portfolio at http://www.harshadnair.com/portfolio/ My hourly rates are very competitive and among the lowest you can get! If interested, mail me at harshad.nair@gmail.com or add me to Skype: harshad.nair You will always find the projects delivered by me to be of the best quality and well within time. Some samples of my work: http://www.pcmedicstores.com/pcm http://www.crazy4sportz.com http://www.royalparkwine.com http://www.angloamericandarts.com http://www.harshadnair.com/web http://www.visaworks.com http://www.h1bplanet.com http://www.financialcompound.com http://www.vliegennaar.net http://www.simlockvrijetelefoon.nl http://www.traveltravel.nl http://www.alexpadillabailbonds.com http://www.allayechan.com http://www.hotelaanbiedingen.com http://www.healthwavehgh.com http://www.andersonschoech.com/ http://www.forinjuryadvice.com/ http://dblawpractice.com http://barbaragreer.com/ http://www.weinbergerlaw.net http://www.visa4you.info http://www.gotlegalproblems.com Thanks and regards, HN
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