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  1. Yes, database normalization is what you want to check into. It is where you set up your database by organizing it to reduce data repetition. It is primarily designed to improve the data integrity, but can be used to optimize its efficiency too.
  2. For your specific error, if your error reporting is not throwing any PHP errors, check your query code. It may be missing a variable or be misconfigured. Try echoing out the $sql variable so it gives you the specific SQL it is trying to run. Then run that in your database interface alone to see if it throws an error. This can help you if the issue is in the SQL statement itself.
  3. Stielle


    Some tags (like <div> and <p>) have their own 'align' (not text-align) attribute, but <input> is not one of them. This is why your code does not work in the <input> tag directly. You want to use CSS for alignment, so you just have to set it up in as you did with style="text-align:right;".
  4. You need to output your Category before you run the output loop for the individual rows themselves. This way it only prints once.
  5. If it is always returning 'Success', then check the return value of the comparison. That function is always returning something (-1, 0, 1, etc). In your if statement, you are checking to see if anything was returned. This will always pass. If you stayed with that function, you would need to check to see if it is 0: if(strcmp($Password, $datas["Password"])==0) But heed mac_guyver's advice as it was all very good.
  6. This is acceptable if I have coded an application that a user is working in and wants to leave an area without saving. But as a 'WAIT DON'T LEAVE!' for a webpage, I make a point to not go back to that site again, report it, etc.
  7. I have a form that uses this specific code. It is placed at the top of my main php file.
  8. I found this snippet of code and it is working for me without issue. <EMBED SRC="file.mov" WIDTH=240 HEIGHT = 180 AUTOPLAY=true CONTROLLER=false LOOP=false HREF="mymovie.mov" TARGET="myself" PLUGINSPAGE=http://www.apple.com/quicktime/">
  9. My bad. I was only answering in pure HTML. I assumed no CSS answer since it was in the HTML forum. But agreed, I wouldn't use either and would prefer the CSS solution.
  10. HTML will automatically add a single space if you provide it. Any more than that it will ignore. If you want to add more than one space, simply add for each space you want. Ex: 3 spaces
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