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  1. i know its old but could you tell me what i need to do if you still now understand what i need to do let me know i will explain again thanks
  2. Hi I have sms website and i have add one button to my all single post button is working but the problem is the send button is going on another page i have create this code <form action="http://uksmsserver.ismspoetry.com/" method="post"> <input name="go-content" type="hidden" value="<?php echo $new_content; ?>" /><div id="button"><input type="submit" value="Send this Sms to Mobile" /></div></form> but i want to do i Wanna send single sms to This Page I have add This Sender In Iframe And The Sender Scprit is showing on this page http://ismspoetry.com/send-free-sms-to-united-kingdom/ so i want to do if someone click on send sms to mobile button the msg goes will be on this sender if some one know please let me know thanks
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