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  1. Hi all, I have quite a big issue regarding an e-commerce site I'm in the process of redeveloping. The company whom I work for sell hundreds of event tickets to clients worldwide. I've been tasked with rebuilding the entire shop as its very basic at the moment, and only accepts PP express. The shop itself only has a few categories so the design / layout isn't a problem for me. The main issue is with the dev site of things. They want me to integrate a so-called 'white label' or 'affiliate' type system so that other 'agencies' can register with ourselves. From there they would have access to our product list and be able to add them on their own shop. In turn they would receive a commission for every sale. I was thinking about going with Prestashop or Drupal but this kind ingratiation has me thinking if its even possible. I'm not even sure if there are any off-the-self solutions that would do exactly what we need, without hiring a developer.. anyone here have any experience building a similar system? Any guidance of any of this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks 4T7
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