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  1. I have searched for the solution for so long and I still could not solve my problem. I have a localhost server where it stored some pdf files for download. I implemented the following function to force the download: if(isset($_POST['dlPDF'])) { $file = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] .'/Upload/'.$pdfName; header("Content-Type: application/pdf"); header("Cache-Control: public"); header("Content-Description: File Transfer"); header("Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=$pdfName"); header("Content-Transfer-Encoding: binary"); // read the file from disk readfile($file); } However I could not open the pdf file properly since it says "the pdf file is not correctly encoded". FYI, the downloaded pdf file is always a few Kb larger than the original file. Please kindly let me know if there is anything I can do to make the pdf readable and I appreciate your help.
  2. Hi guys, I have stuck with this issue for over 3 hours now. My remove all button just wouldn't work. Can anyone tell me what's the issue? I have 2 pages, one parent and another pop-up page that takes the values (cartSubmit) from parent. And I wrote out the code for both pages but I just cannot get it to work. I apologize in advanced if my code looks messy or doesn't make any sense. Please take a look at the code and let me know if you could spot anything wrong with it. Any help is greatly appreciated. Here is the code related to the remove all button in the parent page: if(isset($_POST['finalSelected'])) { echo "<br/>inside"; if(!empty($_POST['fSelected'])) { echo "<br/>if NOT empty"; $chosen = $_POST['fSelected']; foreach ($chosen as $item) echo "</br>aID selected: $item </br>"; //implode function to transform an array to a string //chosen(array) to $delimit(String) $delimitStr = implode(", ", $chosen); //Save the selected String to SESSION if(!isset($_SESSION["final"])) { $_SESSION["final"] .= "$delimitStr"; } else { $_SESSION["final"] .= ", $delimitStr"; } //Explode function to transform the SESSION variable back to an array for further trimming. $arraySession = explode(', ', $_SESSION["final"]); //Array unique to filter out duplicates. $uniqueArray = array_unique($arraySession); $cartSubmit = implode(", ",$uniqueArray); $_SESSION['cartSubmit'] = $cartSubmit; } else { echo "<br/>else empty"; $noSubmit = $_SESSION["final"]; //Explode function to transform the SESSION variable back to an array for further trimming. $arraySession = explode(', ', $_SESSION["final"]); //Array unique to filter out duplicates. $uniqueArray = array_unique($arraySession); $cartSubmit = implode(", ",$uniqueArray); $_SESSION['cartSubmit'] = $cartSubmit; } } <form name= "finalForm" method="POST" action="test6-1.php" target = "_self"> <input type="Submit" name="finalSelected"/> <a href="javascript:popup('test6-3.php?aID= <?php if(empty($_SESSION['final']) && empty($_SESSION['cartSubmit'])) echo "0"; else if(empty($cartSubmit)) echo "0"; else echo $_SESSION['cartSubmit'];?>')">Cart</a> <?php if(isset($FinalName)) { foreach($FinalName as $key => $item) {?> <tr><td> <input type="checkbox" name="fSelected[]" value="<?php echo htmlspecialchars($FinalID[$key])?>" /> <?php echo "$FinalID[$key] & $item";?> </td></tr> <?php } }?> </form> And here is the code in the pop-up page. <script> window.onunload = refreshParent; function refreshParent() { window.opener.location.reload(); } </script> if(isset($_POST['removeAll'])) { $aID = "0"; unset($_SESSION['cartSubmit']); unset($_SESSION['final']); header("Location : test6-3.php?aID=0"); }
  3. Thank you so much for your help. I have one more question and hope you guy can help. I would like a page to reload/refresh every time a form is submitted, regardless of what page the form is submitted. My situation is that I have a add.php and cart.php and a main page. I would like when both of the add and cart php submit something, the main page will reload as well. Please let me know your thoughts and I appreciate your suggestion
  4. Thanks for your prompt response. I just started learning php for a month and I am new to session var. I tried to add session_unset() into my script but it still wouldn't reset the session var saved on the other page. if(isset($_POST['removeAll'])) { $aID = "0"; session_unset(); } What changes to my code do you suggest so that I could unset the session var.
  5. Hi everyone, as the title stated, I would like to know how I could submit a form in one page(cart) and unset a session variable on other page. Right now my form is setting a variable within the page back to 0, however I would like the form to unset the session variable from other page as well. The issue with my code is that every time I attempt to clear out all items, my code can empty out the cart. But whenever I close and reopen the cart, the same content will show up again. So I need to unset the session variable. Please let me know what should I do in order to solve the problem and I greatly appreciate your help. My code is currently looking like this: cart.php if(!empty($_GET['aID'])) { $aID = $_GET['aID']; echo $aID; if(isset($_POST['removeAll'])) { $aID = "0"; } $cartSQL = "SELECT * from article where aID in ($aID)"; echo "cart sql :$cartSQL"; $cartQuery = mysqli_query($dbc, $cartSQL) or die (mysqli_error($dbc)); while($row = mysqli_fetch_array($cartQuery, MYSQLI_BOTH)) { $aTitle[] = $row[ 'name' ]; } } <form action = "" method = "POST"> <td style = "width = 200px"><input type="submit" value="Empty cart" name="removeAll"></td> </form> And this is the session variable from other page where I would like it to be unset upon submitting the form. if(!empty($cartSubmit)) $_SESSION["cartSubmit"] = $cartSubmit; else $cart = $_SESSION["cartSubmit"]; <a href="javascript:popup('cart.php?aID=<?php if(empty($cartSubmit)) echo "$cart"; else echo "$cartSubmit";?>')">Cart</a>
  6. Hello everyone, I am working on a form that is similar to a shopping cart system and I am thinking of creating a button that submits the checked value and saves them to a $_SESSION variable. And also a link that links to a cart.html that takes the values of a $_SESSION variable. I am have trouble figuring what tag/attribute should I use in order to achieve that. Right now my code attached below submits the checked values to cart.html directly. However I want my submit button to save the checked box to a $_SESSION variable and STAY on the same page. And then I will implement a <a> to link to the cart.php. I researched a little bit about this subject and I know it's somewhat related to ajax/jquery. I just wanted to know more about it from you guys. I appreciate your attention for reading the post and Thanks! Below is the form that I currently have: <form name= "finalForm" method="POST" action="cart.php"> <input type="Submit" name="finalSelected"/> <?php foreach($FinalName as $key => $item) {?> <tr> <td><input type="checkbox" name="fSelected[]" value="<?php echo htmlspecialchars($FinalID[$key])?>" /> <?php echo "$FinalID[$key] & $item";?> </td> </tr> <?php } ;?> Below is the code for cart.php <?php require ('connect_db.php'); if(isset($_POST['finalSelected'])) { if(!empty($_POST['fSelected'])) { $chosen = $_POST['fSelected']; foreach ($chosen as $item) echo "aID selected: $item </br>"; $delimit = implode(", ", $chosen); print_r($delimit); } } if(isset($delimit)) { $cartSQL = "SELECT * from article where aID in ($delimit)"; $cartQuery = mysqli_query($dbc, $cartSQL) or die (mysqli_error($dbc)); while($row = mysqli_fetch_array($cartQuery, MYSQLI_BOTH)) { $aTitle[] = $row[ 'name' ]; } } ?> <table> <?php if(isset($delimit)) { $c=0; foreach($aTitle as $item) {?> <tr> <td> <?php echo $aTitle[$c]; $c++;?> </td> </tr> <?php }}?> </table>
  7. My code can handle the gaps between the IDs. I am wondering if there is any way that could make my table look better. But after listening to your advise, I will just stick with whatever id I get. Thanks
  8. Hi I am having troubles inserting item into a table with a primary key in it. My problem is that every time I added a row into a table without specifying the primary key, mysql will not add it to the next available id. For example, I have 5 rows initially and I added 10 rows into my table by using the insert into query. However when I delete the 10 rows and add another row in, the id of the additional row will become 16 instead of 6. FYI, this is a php page that inserts my data into the table.
  9. Hi, I am sorry that I didn't include that in the code. As for the foreach loop that you provided, the results displayed was Selected 0: Selected 1: Selected 2: (when I selected 3 values.) However I still think that the original values set within the option value attribute are not properly displayed. For example, if my selected $existing_mid[$j] options was 3. 5, 7. I would like the foreach loop to display 3,5,7. Is there a way to do that? In addition, your suggestion to move $selected = $_POST['selectto']; inside of the if statement made my code notice-free when some fields are not selected. Thank you so much for your attention and I appreciate your help.
  10. Hi everyone, I am having trouble passing/displaying the values inside of a selected list. I created a add/remove list using Jquery and I tried to display the values passed using foreach and for loops but it is still not working. The values I am trying to get are $existing_mID[$j], which is inside of the option value attribute. Please kindly let me know what should I do in order to get the values and I really appreciate your help. <?php $selected = $_POST['selectto']; if(isset($selected)) { echo "something in selected<br />"; for ($i=0;$i<count($selected);$i++) echo "selected #1 : $selected[$i]"; foreach ($selected as $item) echo "selected: item: $item"; } ?> This is the form <form> <select name="selectfrom[]" id="select-from" multiple="" size="10"> <?php $j=0; foreach($existing_mTitle as $item) { ;?> <option value="<?php $existing_mID[$j];?>" > <?php echo "$existing_mID[$j] & $item";$j++;?> </option> <?php }?> </select> <a href="JavaScript:void(0);" id="btn-add">Add »</a> <a href="JavaScript:void(0);" id="btn-remove">« Remove</a> <select name="selectto[]" id="select-to" multiple="" size="10"></label> </select> <input type="submit" name="addArticle" value="Add" /> </form> Below is my Jquery code that I implemented. $(document).ready(function() { $('#btn-add').click(function(){ $('#select-from option:selected').each( function() { $('#select-to').append("<option value='"+$(this).val()+"'>"+$(this).text()+"</option>"); $('#select-to option').attr('selected',true); $(this).remove(); }); }); $('#btn-remove').click(function(){ $('#select-to option:selected').each( function() { $('#select-from').append("<option value='"+$(this).val()+"'>"+$(this).text()+"</option>"); $('#select-to option[value=' +$(this).val()+ ']').attr('selected',true); $(this).remove(); }); }); });
  11. Hi, I used the $_SESSION variable to store all three of my variables and everything works fine except when I refresh the page, the variables are still there. I would like to know if there is a way to use the session_unset/destroy function so that every time the page is refreshed, the SESSION variables will reset. Thanks!
  12. Thank you so much for your advice. I would certainly learn about those two options and try to apply them into my code.
  13. Hi everyone, I would like to know if: I have three different forms to create three different mysql codes. Now my code will generate the three mysql codes correctly but each time I tried to generate the second mysql code using another form, the previous will get wiped and therefore I can only have one mysql code working at the moment. (I apologize in advanced if my issue is not clearly stated.) Attached is the code that I have right now. I am trying to get all three mysql codes (Searchsql, Filtersql, Panelsql) correct so I can pass all three mysql queries to a function where it can combine all three queries into one array using the array_intersect function. Please kindly let me know your opinion on the problem and I would really appreciate the help. $object = new Three; class Three { public $Panel, $Search, $Filter; function save_Three() { while($Prow = sqli_fetch_array($Panel, MYSQLI_BOTH)) { $PanelName = $Prow ['name']; } while($Srow = sqli_fetch_array($Search, MYSQLI_BOTH)) { $SearchName = $Srow ['name']; } while($Frow = sqli_fetch_array($Filter, MYSQLI_BOTH)) { $FilterName = $Frow ['name']; } $Combined = array_intersect($Panel, $Search, $Filter); foreach ($Combined as $item) print $item; } } $Panelsql = "SELECT DISTINCT aID, name from test.article"; if (isset($_GET['pid'])) { $pID= $_GET['pid']; echo "$pID"; $Panelsql = "SELECT DISTINCT aID, name from test.a_m, test.platform, test.message, test.article where aid in (SELECT DISTINCT assocAID from test.a_m, test.platform, test.message where assocMID in (SELECT mID from test.message, test.platform where pID=$pID and pID = assocPID))"; } else if (isset($_GET['mid'])) { $mID= $_GET['mid']; $Panelsql = "SELECT DISTINCT aID, name from a_m, message, article where aid in (SELECT DISTINCT assocAID from a_m, message where mID=$mID and mID = assocMID)"; } else { $Panelsql = "SELECT DISTINCT aID, name from article"; } $object->Panel = $Panelsql; $aRegions = $_POST['RegionSelected']; $Filtersql = 'SELECT * FROM test.article'; if(isset($aRegions)) { $Filtersql .= ' WHERE 1 AND ('; foreach ($aRegions as $word) if($word==$aRegions[count($aRegions)-1]) { $Filtersql .= " Region = '". $word ."')"; } else { $Filtersql .= " Region = '". $word ."' OR"; } } //Population filtering function $aPopulations = $_POST['PopulationSelected']; if(isset($aPopulations)) { if(!isset($aRegions)){$Filtersql .= ' WHERE 1 AND ('; } else { $Filtersql .= ' AND ('; } foreach ($aPopulations as $word) if($word==$aPopulations[count($aPopulations)-1]) { $Filtersql .= " Population = '". $word ."')"; } else { $Filtersql .= " Population = '". $word ."' OR"; } } $object->Filter = $Filtersql; $Searchsql="SELECT * FROM test.article"; if (isset($_POST['search'])){ $st= ($_POST['search_box']); $Searchsql .= " WHERE name LIKE '%{$st}%' OR abstract LIKE '%{$st}%' OR Summary LIKE '%{$st}%' OR Keyword LIKE '%{$st}%' OR population LIKE '%{$st}%'OR region LIKE '%{$st}%'"; } $object->Search = $Searchsql;
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