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  1. here's what I got to work; after downloading the appropriate .ini file and editing php.ini... [code] <?php $ua = get_browser (); if ( ( $ua->browser == "IE" ) && ( $ua->version < 7 ) ) { echo ".gif"; }else{ echo ".png"; } ?> [/code] Basically any browser EXCEPT IE 6 and below gets the .png :D
  2. so wait... using get browser... could I just make it say like... if it's any version of firefox, use PNG. Any version of IE EXCEPT 7 use GIF?
  3. yeah... =/ Is there no database that's constantly updated and I could just like include it in my page and it could return .gif if no or .png if yes? Then I could just make it like... [code] <img src="images/test <?php $agent = $_USER_AGENT; //or whatever that variable is include('http://www.somesite.com/somepage.php?agent=$agent'); ?> " /> [/code]
  4. So basically I'm designing a new site, and the problem of transparent PNGs has arisen. Basically I just need some way to tell whether or not the browser that's looking at the page is capable of transparency in PNGs. In one of my past projects, I just made a LIST of compatible user agents, and made an IF statement, the problem with that being I have to update the list anytime the slightest update is released. Is there an easier way to make it work like "if you can, display this transparent PNG. Otherwise, show this gif."?
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