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  1. not sure if this will find an answer but I am posting anyway. Any help is appreciated....my coder has left the team and no matter how I invite her to come and do some bug squashing, her new schedules won't fit a re-visit into my little aplication...I am eager to delve into the codes at my very low knowledge of php. I have initiated reading and is still trying to teach myself...but of course not as fast as the app needs the patch...here's the meat: I have a form, with 20 or so info field, and get's filled-up manually from a checksheet....problem is when I accidentally press ENTER instead of TAB, it goes to incomplete info error catcher then when I press the browser's back button, all inputted data are gone. Is there a way to retain the data when I press the back button....or any other solution that I can look into to resolve this dilemma? again Thanks for any suggestion #notyourcoderguybutmuchwillingttolearn dude Mr. EdDLearner
  2. Hi Folks! New to php and introduced into it by a new found friend who is really into php. Been learning and learning and learning but not so much I am afraid. I guess books and youtubes and other tutorials are not enough so here I am, fearlessly venturing into this forum and I hope to learn much more to all ya pros out there err I mean in here. Be gentle to me please. I am not a coder but I do have logical thinking attitude and habit. I am a slow learner and close to the resignation age. But who cares, I wanna learn php, yeah!
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