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  1. Hello Everyone, As I am a novice, posting this simple question. Am trying to design my first webpage using PHP. I have successfully created a wrapper page (index.php) as in the attachment whereas I get into trouble when I try to include PHP content pages into index.php. The real problem occurs in the alignment and not with the include command. The problem seems not to go away even if I match the height and width of #contentsize to #rcontent. PHP: <div id="rcontent"> <div id=contentsize> <?php include 'home.php'; ?> </div> </div> CSS: #rcontent { width:894px; height:530px; background-color:blue; float:right; border-color:white; border-width:5px 3px 5px 3px; border-style:solid; } #contentsize { width:894px; height:530px; } Could someone help me out? Expected Result: PHP contents should fit in blue box. Thanks in Advance!!
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