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  1. Hey guys, I just started a web developer forum and was wondering if anybody would be interested in being an admin or mod. I could really use the help getting it started. So if you could please just contact me on phpfreaks or go ahead and make an account on my forum and send me and PM and I can give further details. Thanks! The url: http://coding4um.com
  2. Hey guys I am struggling here. I am making an recipe website and right now attempting to create an search engine, to search the database for recipes. BUT the search form has form filters the user can edit such as one dropdown menu with preptime, another with what type of meal type, another like what type of cooking method etc etc. So how would the php if statements, query look like, I am not very experienced in sql so that is an main reason I am having such an struggle. Thanks
  3. So I should use htmlspecialchars() for EVERY user input display?
  4. So XSS attacks, are you safe from them if you are outputting the data into lets say a input box, without any security checks like htmlentites()? And does PDO prepare help prevent xss too? And what sort of functions should I use to be most secure of outputting data in input boxes, text etc.
  5. Could anybody please give me a regex for numbers and dashes only? Thanks
  6. Hey guys, so I was wanting to sell some source code on my website, but how would I do that. Is there some way to use paypal, when users pay X price they can download the zipped folder, and make sure there is some security to it so somebody just cant share the download link and let people that did not purchase it download it.
  7. Hey guys so my code below is not working, it will get the app information for the user but its only display 3 results like every time a new user "installs" an new app like it stops showing the last result and starts displaying the new result. Like for example right now it should be showing 7 results but only displaying 3 is there something wrong with my query. (PS: this is just developement testing purposes so thats why my code is sorta sloppy) Thanks! $default_apps = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM apps WHERE `default`='1'") or die(mysql_error()); $user_apps = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM user_apps WHERE `user_id`='$user_id'") or die(mysql_error()); while($row = mysql_fetch_array($default_apps)) { $url = $row['download_url']; $name = $row['name']; echo $row['name']; echo "<a href='$url'>$name</a><br />"; } while($raw = mysql_fetch_array($user_apps)){ $app_id = $raw['app_id']; } $select_user_apps = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM apps WHERE `app_id`='$app_id' "); while($rop = mysql_fetch_array($select_user_apps)) { $name = $rop['name']; $url = $rop['download_url']; echo $name; echo $url; }
  8. Also like developers need to get the "app" reviewed first before published and like make it so http://mywebsite.com/APP_NAME/ so like the developer gets like there own url something like that
  9. Hey guys so I am making an App website and somehow need to make a developer section. So like developers can come and setup their app name,description etc. Then be able to program there own app and use like an API service to get the user username etc. So what would I need to let developers do a such thing like let them make an API key and all that is there some tutorial to make such service. (This will be an important feature to my website so please help, thanks)
  10. So hey how would I do it so like some apps are added by default?
  11. Hey guys so I am making an online App website. So I need to it to be so some apps will be added by default. Then users can search for apps and "install" apps but really just have them show up on the homepage. So how would the database design work like have a field that is updated to 1 if the user has it installed and 0 if its not. And then do like an if statement to pull all the fields with 1 where username='$username'. And when it pulls it should I add like a URL field to it to so when it pulls the app information there will be a link to the app url. Could somebody please help me with what I should do because I am really confused on what design and if statements I should use
  12. Hi guys, does anybody know of any good libraries to handle and validate file uploading including Zipped folders. Also I was needing some tips, so my website developers can come and upload zipped folders, files etc. but eventually would'nt this start taking up a lot of space especially the zipped folders?
  13. Hi guys so for my website I want to add a feature where a user can upload a zipped folder and send that folder to another user through my Private message system, so I am wondering how this would work, would I need to upload the folder to my database, upload it to a separate folder and use some php code to display a download link to download it?
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