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  1. Hi All, I need to get a small function working for a site I need to build for a group of friends. I was able to get a login page, and a way to add data to the data base. Now I am stuck on the search and show results fuctionalities. I have found tens of scripts on the internet, but most of them are outdated, or I cant get them to work, either it sends me back a blank page, does nothing or sends me to an error page The GOAL User Inputs text in a text box, clicks submit, the data in the text box is looked for in the second collumn of the DB, The information of the collumns 2 to 7 of the DB for the name search are displayed either on the same page or on a new page. Is there any chance you could hel me with that, taken into account that I dont need the html part of the code, I only need help with the php part... Thanks in advance to all the people reading this and the ones helping me...
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