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  1. I know this , but i need to know how to inserd data from a session ...
  2. The whole ideea is.... I have some product list , when i click on them they will showed on a sale page ( like a shopping cart ) with the other details of the client. The thing that i don't know , how to add all of that products from the sale page to a table "sales" when a FINISH button is pressed.
  3. but here nobody will answer......
  4. Hello , I am trying to make some script for personal use I had create a database like "warehouse" . I managed to check all products, to change the number of pieces I / price etc. What I fail to create a page of "sale" in which you can add more products that are sold to a customer and that in the end to be stored in a sales table, to which I have access later for guarantees example. I fail to understand how to create that sales page. I know I need to use sessions to add each item to be sold. But here I actually stuck and do not know how to go further. How do I change stock every product sold, how to send these products to be inserted into the sales table with a unique code etc .... I hope you understand about what I want to get, and someone to help me, or give me an idea. Thank you very much.
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