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  1. Thank you, will look at your suggestion and try your search suggestion as well. So far the ones I have found use a local magnification, where I want the whole image to magnify.. and be able to select hot spots (icons) to then show something else.
  2. Yes this is a Google satellite map.. sort of. A number of screen shots (12) of a route taken with a GPS enabled dash camera. Combined into one roughly 2000 x 2200 px image. Any suggestions re the Ajax??
  3. I had trouble logging in as well, posted a question from my laptop with no problem. tried to retrieve the answer(s) from my desktop and could not sign in. tried to have a password reset sent which although it said it did.. did not 45 min later anyway. Have message about JavaScript turned off.. NOT. Managed to log in via FB
  4. I have a very large image (a map) that I would like to open at whatever size my users monitor / browser window allows. Then, to provide details I want the user to be able to zoom in and move the image to suit the area they are interested in. I have found a reference to something called "jQuery gZoom Plugin" that judging from the demos would suit my needs perfectly. But.. it seems this is no longer available as on gets a "lab.gianiaz.com could not be found message". So.. does anyone have any other solutions? Where this jQuery gZoom Plugin could still be found for downloading? I do not want what seems to be popular a local zoom of part of the image but to zoom the entire image... allow grabing and moving.. and allow clicking of hot spots (icons) to open an information box / other image. Using DW6, if it makes any difference. Thank you all for your time. Ralph
  5. Thanks to all who have pasted code in an attempt to help and suggested I read the manual on mail. But.. I am still confused as to why my code is not working. I think.. a PHP only solution should be possible. I have a logged in user with an active session. What is missing in my code that is preventing the $user field from being correctly populated with the variable user? <?php require('../login.php'); ?> <?php if (isset($_COOKIE["user"])) { $user = $_COOKIE["user"]; } mail('me@telusplanet.net','$user','From news page'); ?> Thanks again..
  6. Thanks all, let me try to clarify. My family members are logged in via a PHP script that checks for their name and password in my login.php. All my pages then start with. <?php require('../login.php'); ?> I am trying to have, when this page is accessed an email sent to me with the users name. Throwing this into the page will send me an email but I can not figure out what else I need to have the users name either in the subject or body of the email. <?php require('../login.php'); ?> <?php mail('yourEmailAddress@yourDomain.com','Subject of the e-mail','This is the body of the e-mail!'); ?> I am very much a cut and paste programmer, I can figure out, sort of... what is happening after I have the code. So please.. be gentle and complete with your help / advice.
  7. I have a small family only website and I use this code on my login page to see if members are having trouble re logging in. // routine writes to file when this page is accessed <?php $logfile = '/home/xxxxxxx/public_html/temp/trouble.txt'; $date = date('j M Y H:i:s'); if (isset($_COOKIE["family_user"])) { $user = $_COOKIE["family_user"]; } if ($file = @fopen($logfile, 'a')) { fwrite($file, "\r\n$date $user "); fclose($file); } ?> How can I use the information gathered (fwrite($file, "\r\n$date $user ") that writes to my trouble.txt file be sent to me via email. And ideally only once per session. I found this code will send me an email every time the page is accessed but can not figure out how to get fwrite($file, "\r\n$date $user " into either the subject (preferred) or into the body. <?php mail('yourEmailAddress@yourDomain.com','Subject of the e-mail','This is the body of the e-mail!'); ?> Anyone able to help with the code Thank you for your time
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