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  1. Thank you, will look at your suggestion and try your search suggestion as well. So far the ones I have found use a local magnification, where I want the whole image to magnify.. and be able to select hot spots (icons) to then show something else.
  2. Yes this is a Google satellite map.. sort of. A number of screen shots (12) of a route taken with a GPS enabled dash camera. Combined into one roughly 2000 x 2200 px image. Any suggestions re the Ajax??
  3. I had trouble logging in as well, posted a question from my laptop with no problem. tried to retrieve the answer(s) from my desktop and could not sign in. tried to have a password reset sent which although it said it did.. did not 45 min later anyway. Have message about JavaScript turned off.. NOT. Managed to log in via FB
  4. I have a very large image (a map) that I would like to open at whatever size my users monitor / browser window allows. Then, to provide details I want the user to be able to zoom in and move the image to suit the area they are interested in. I have found a reference to something called "jQuery gZoom Plugin" that judging from the demos would suit my needs perfectly. But.. it seems this is no longer available as on gets a "lab.gianiaz.com could not be found message". So.. does anyone have any other solutions? Where this jQuery gZoom Plugin could still be found for downloading? I do not want what seems to be popular a local zoom of part of the image but to zoom the entire image... allow grabing and moving.. and allow clicking of hot spots (icons) to open an information box / other image. Using DW6, if it makes any difference. Thank you all for your time. Ralph
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