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  1. Unlimited texting seems to be a default standard nowadays I was walking today and I thought of the idea of blogging via SMS It's not a new idea, did a brief search I saw API's and such, not sure if they are "pure" or affiliated with some sort of CMS somewhere Anyway, I imagine the basic idea is an endpoint to receive the texts from people's phones after their phones have been verified / logged on the site. I'm just wondering how the actual part of understanding the SMS and somehow accessing it from the phone's OS and connecting to the website and updating the databases... Maybe it's not far... I don't know... I guess I ought to pick a phone like Android and start from there. Any thoughts? It's nothing crazy, just like "Oh I have an idead, post" and I realize an app could be just as easy as SMS but SMS is like an obvious, well known thing to use, so how hard is it to open your sms and respond to the saved contact which you have most likely have been posting to already?
  2. Well take adblock for example, I'm not sure how they work, I would like to think that they read the source and find code that matches advertisments like the format for google adsense and somehow re-write them like for example using jQuery setting display: to none; but I don't know if that is possible.
  3. How do you know if it is secure? I was looking at some pages. It would be nice to have weekly or even daily export at a certain time of databases and storing of source code. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/134906/how-do-i-list-all-cron-jobs-for-all-users http://kb.mediatemple.net/questions/1577/Working+with+a+hacked+or+compromised+server#gs I imagine even if you did something like live output of the server processes not just the 1 min 5 min 15 min thing, somehow something can get by undetected. There is so much to cover. Anyway thanks for your response. More to add to the to-learn list.
  4. I have the IP and I've looked them up in ip look up websites I suppose I ought to do a pattern recognition thing, IP's looking for this sort of thing are automatically blocked I'd appreciate any thoughts regarding this situation How do you block an IP anyway? Do something like "If this ip, exit(); " ?
  5. I've recently started tracking visitors, simple incrementers on load that gather IP address and webpage. For the most part they are bots but I've been seeing the webpages they are trying to access which many don't exist but they have me concerned Man I can't believe this thing is targeting the server so much and this is only today that I've began gathering data. I've had this server online for at least a month now http://my-ip:80/script http://my-ip:80/jenkins/script http://my-ip:80/login http://my-ip:80/jmx-console http://my-ip:80/manager/html http://my-ip:80/msd http://my-ip:80/mySqlDumper http://my-ip:80/msd1.24stable http://my-ip:80/msd1.24.4 So... how do I know when I am no longer safe? What is safe anyway?
  6. I see your point, I'm creating a learning application where I can just go to a website, select all, copy, drop it into the text input and then a summary is generated after I have "taught" it to learn so to speak, eg. provided samples... more on this, a paragraph and then the words I pulled out... I believe that with the English language in general there is a structure (of course) but I mean, you could create a pattern recognition where the summary or the main point of the entire webpage could be found and then I would just create a curl or some sort of scraper that would search multiple websites looking for the same topic and creating a collection of summaries and then these would ideally be read back to me haha <- gotta hire a narrator I'm wondering about how strings are parsed eg. left to right top to bottom so I probably can't explode the words with identifiers like a sort of array and then isolate and find word frequencies and such without going from left to right through every word
  7. Curious how I should go about creating this Creating an array / list of common everyday words with identifiers like nouns/pronouns/adverbs/verbs... Wondering if I have to scrape grammar/dictionary websites or if this already exists What could be a better approach?
  8. Sort of being lazy, I wanted to just embed the main inteface of my website in a small window, rather than rescaling it. So if I did <iframe src="mysite.com" width="auto" height='auto"> am I vulnerable for an attack eg. someone replacing the src with a different location. ?
  9. I'm trying to devise a summarizer, I intend to "teach it" so to speak, how to take a wall of garbage and summarize it. This is useful to me when I want to learn about things quickly and not have to sift through garbage. I intend to build a scraper of some kind or actually to start with a direct copy and paste approach, and then "the magic happens" pattern recognition, word frequency with identifiers on the page of where stuff is and how many sources were used Anyway, aside from the technical part of storing the information locally or on a server to be processed using javascript or php, I'm curious about what route to go with... It would seem obvious, use the client's resources, to save on server resources but how much can I get? I don't know if you can have a lot of access to the clients processing power... what about browser based games? It's really not a lot of computing I would like to assume. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  10. I did increase it to a day. Thank you for your response.
  11. thank you that is great. I'll read up on that.
  12. I'm not sure if this is the appropriate forum to post about this although I chose HTML because of input of a form I want to cache what I have written in the event of a username session timeout, which is what I'm facing now, I'm writing a lot of stuff, when I finally push "submit" my session username is gone and the data disappears even when I hit back. I've seen this cache on a few forums and even yahoo answers I need this function How do I achieve it or what do I look at?
  13. Part I control statement list generator I think this could be simplified with a permuation but first, this problem of creating a list based on certain conditions, This is the rough structure of my list generator: First I have a table with people in it; stores a person's id, gender, orientation, interested partner, age The orientation is uncertain because in some cases it seems redundant like a transgender person declaring a gender Anyway, so given the five pieces of information I create an "alogrithm?" or control statement list generator based on user id's like this: Start with gender then orientation then age The age part is concerning, I have a character fix of 2, eg. 10 to 99 I am doing in ten years like 10 to 20, 20 to 30, etc... but using a <= operator So person A looking for person B Person A is a male, straight, age<=20 One branch of the control statement is about 30 lines or less which doesn't seem bad, but that's 3 x 6 x 3 x 30 = ~ 170 lines of code which doesn't seem bad. I'm also concerned about using switch instead of a try-all-till-found sort of control system The multiplication mambo jambo over there is from the three specifications of a person: gender: male,female,both orientation: straight, lesbian, gay, bi, don't care to say, other date sought: male, female, both I realize too that this can be much better Already my form is ugly, there are 7 lines to be filled including username, email, password. Part II who has viewed who This is a matter of what works best or are they the same. I want the experience to be this: once you've passed a person eg. declared you weren't interested in him / her, you don't see them again, unless you want to. I'm not sure yet how I will generate a list, I know already that it won't be images, but numbers eg. text only, but how do you have a current list eg. when new members sign up after you have generated a list? This is more related above but... The thought is to create a separate table with at least three columns: id, user, user id viewed Can it be better than that? The problem here is that say 16 people exist on the website, then for each person to look at the other person, what is that 16 x 15 = 240 columns? Just from 16 people? Can it be better? Thanks for any suggestions
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