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  1. I have below script. it does the while loop 100%. it updates the mysql database one at a time as it should. the problem I have now is that the while loop does not end and go to the next statement as it should. it keeps pollong the database. so when in back end you change to 0 it automatically updates again. Please see if you can help me to see where I can stop this while loop when there are no more loops // Here I select the amount of rows $sql_query = "SELECT ae FROM `debitorderrejectionimport` WHERE ae = '0'"; $rowCount = mysqli_query($conn,$sql_query); $rowCountUpdate = mysqli_num_rows($rowCount); echo $rowCountUpdate; while($rowCountUpdate > 0) { $sql = "UPDATE `ttee`.`au1` INNER JOIN `ttee`.`au` ON (`au1`.`id` = `au`.`id`) INNER JOIN `ttee`.`ae1` ON (`ae1`.`idd` = `au1`.`idd`) INNER JOIN `ttee`.`debitorderrejectionimport` ON (`debitorderrejectionimport`.`nr` = `ae1`.`id`) SET `au`.`amount` = `ae1`.`amount` + `au1`.`amount`, `debitorderrejectionimport`.`ae` = au.id ;"; $result = mysqli_query($conn, $sql); $updated = mysqli_affected_rows($conn); $rowCountUpdate - ($updated);} // if it finished updating and there is no more rows it must continue with below query mysqli_query($conn, " INSERT INTO `sataxicrm754`.`debitorderrejectionimport_back` ( `Outbound`, `Allocation`, `AccountName`, `QueryComplaintType`, `QueryStatus`, `Querytypeoption`, `Description`, `DealID`, `Deals`, `Assignedusername`, `Teams`, `CampaignName`, `CampaignID`, `inserted`, `idnumber`, `nr`, `datew`, `premium`, `policynumber`, `ContactNumber`, `CollectionType`, `OpportunityAmount`, `Broker`, `impref`, `id` ) SELECT `Outbound`, `Allocation`, `AccountName`, `QueryComplaintType`, `QueryStatus`, `Querytypeoption`, `Description`, `DealID`, `Deals`, `Assignedusername`, `Teams`, `CampaignName`, `CampaignID`, `inserted`, `idnumber`, `nr`, `datew`, `premium`, `policynumber`, `ContactNumber`, `CollectionType`, `OpportunityAmount`, `Broker`, `impref`, `id` FROM `sataxicrm754`.`debitorderrejectionimport` WHERE QueryComplaintType <> 'QueryComplaintType' ");
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