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  1. Yes: <?php ob_start(); session_start(); ?>
  2. Thanks I didn't think about that... I checked and the codes reads: var tempoVar = null; It seems then that the $_SESSION variable is not recognized in the function. Could that have something to do with declaring the variable global? So I tried this: <?php $theName = global $_SESSION['$Sess_Name']; ?> But the browser doesn't accept it...
  3. Ok, I tried. Still not working. The diference is before I had the output "NULL" and now nothing...
  4. Hi; I'm a beginner and I'm getting a big headache figuring how to convert php variables into Javascript variables. I want to use the content of $theName as the value for an input tag. $_SESSION['$Sess_Name'] is loaded with the right data, I verified it. But my function InitField returns always the word NULL. Why is that? Where is the problem? Thank Here is my code: function InitField() { <?php $theName = $_SESSION['$Sess_Name']; ?> var tempoVar = "<?php echo json_encode($theName); ?>"; var myInput = document.getElementById('theSurname'); myInput.value = tempoVar; }
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