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  1. Hello i need help to make a product display page from xml file .... any one who can help me thanks i got an xml file products.xml <PRODUCT> <PRODUCTS_NAME>Name of the product</PRODUCTS_NAME> <PRODUCTS_DESCRIPTION>Details of the products.</PRODUCTS_DESCRIPTION> <PRODUCTS_IMAGE>1111.jpg</PRODUCTS_IMAGE> <PRODUCTS_PRICE>44$</PRODUCTS_PRICE> </PRODUCT> ok i used this code to get information of all the product name on the page <?php $xml=simplexml_load_file("products.xml") or die("Error: Cannot create object"); foreach($xml->children() as $products) { echo $products->PRODUCTS_NAME. "<br>"; } ?> its show all product name line by line ok so all i want to show full product one by one ... For example ( Product image | then product name | Then product price | Then product details ) Thanks for your help in advanced waiting for your answers
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