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  1. I have a script i was playing with below. I want to edit it using the setcookie() function to set a cookie with the random image script, using the $_COOKIE array, i want to be able to read the cookie if its available. Finally i want to create a test condition where a new random index is selected if the user has previously viewed the image and the cookie is available. I would love to know how to do this <html> <head> <title>JFQ Turnings</title> </head> <body bgcolor="#ffffff" text="#000000"> <img src="jfqturnings.gif" alt="JFQ Turnings, coming soon." width="864" height="100"> <br /><img src="<?php echo getRandomImage(); ?>" alt="" width="864" height="567"> <?php echo getRandomImage(); function getRandomImage() { $images = array("candlestick.jpg", "rollingpin.jpg", "table.jpg", "table2.jpg"); $random = rand(0, 3); return $images[$random]; } ?> </body> </html>
  2. I am trying my shot at creating a webpage by myself and I wanna create a submit form, with a submit button. I want all the information below to be in the submit form.... Help would be wonderful Last Name (last, text) First Name (first, text) Street Address 1 (street1, text) Street Address 2 (street2, text) City (city, text) State (state, text) Zip (zip, text) Phone (phone, text) Fax (fax, text) Email (email, text) Verify Email (verify_email, text) How did you find us? (marketing, select) 1. Mailing 2. Phonebook 3. Search Engine 4. Phone Call 5. Word of mouth 6. Other Type of request (request_type, radio) Quote Information Request Quote/Request (request, textarea)
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