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  1. Welcome to the forum. PHP is a relatively easy language compared to C#. I know both and PHP is piece of cake compared to C#.
  2. Hello and welcome to the forum. Looking forward to reading your posts.
  3. Store all your text strings used on your website in a file or in a database. Have the strings translated in other languages that you want to provide and store the strings in separate files, or in the database. When the user selects a language, drop a cookie with the language selection. Use the value in the cookie to automatically choose the right language file or database entries. You may also use the visitor's location (IP address) to automatically select a default language.
  4. Have you tried freelance websites?
  5. Some ideas: discussion forum, shopping deals script with affiliate id embedding, article directory, auction script, ...
  6. RewriteCond %{SERVER_PORT} !=443 RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^(www\.)?domain\.com$ [NC] RewriteRule ^(.*)$ https://www.domain.com/$1 [R,L]
  7. You can also use Google Webmasters and choose your sitelinks. If you haven't registered with Google Webmasters, I strongly recommend that you do. The URL is google.com/webmasters/.
  8. You'll have to add a new parameter to your URL to use for sorting. For example: domain.com/mypage?order=asc and domain.com/mypage?order=desc You can then add arrows with each of the links mentioned above. Next, you'll need to change your php script and check is the parameter 'order' is set. Use the value of this parameter to conduct your SQL query. For example: $sqlMaxID = "SELECT MAX(id) as max_id FROM Players ORDER BY max_id ".$_POST['order'];
  9. Looks like a warning. You should fine if you disable php warnings.
  10. How often should you optimize your MySQL tables? Is there any particular condition that can be used to trigger an automatic optimization of the tables? Thanks
  11. brotherZ

    url question

    It's all in .htaccess where the URL rewriting is coded. You can do anything in the .htaccess, such as changing all the characters in the URL to lower case before attempting to do the matching and rewriting.
  12. Where is the javascript code that your form invokes?
  13. Why don't you increase the user session timeout? Or generate a popup message using javascript when the user session is about timeout and ask the user if he needs more time. This is what I have seen done.
  14. I can't use the span tag in your form. You have to use the <select> and <option> tags. I would do this: <select name="age" class='selected'> <option value="18">18</option> <option value="19">19</option> </select>
  15. You are redirecting to the same page. I would remove the: if($fgmembersite->UserId() == 1261){ $fgmembersite->RedirectToURL("testes.php"); exit; } because you don't need to do this since you are already in the file. You can just add your extra code in the same file to do what you want to do. No redirect needed.
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