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  1. We are happy to announce our affiliate program. Find more information here https://affiliate.cdnsun.com/program/affiliate.
  2. Pagespeed depends on different factors. Dont load it with heavy files, themes, etc. Maybe it happened 'cause of hosting. I decided to use a CDN when the quantity of visitors grown up to 3000 per day. And it helped in my case.I use CDNsun they are low cost, they have an extensive network and help with integration
  3. I also want to add this one, which is really good.
  4. Hello to everyone, I guess It's a right place to ask. –°urrently think what to choose for hosting my web-site. I used GoDaddy which is not so good. I had poor customer service and I get emails back within 1,2 days. Moreover sometimes I noticed incorrect display of data on the site through different browsers. And now I want to try another hosting. What do u guys think about CDN hosts? I read a lot about merits and low latency, is it really true? And one more question. Does using a CDN guarantee 100 percent availability for my site? Thank you for your consideration.
  5. Hello, my name is Mark and I have been working with PHP for over 3 years, 2 of them I worked in this company as PhP programmer. I have been on and off freelancing for the last year, and I am ready to get back into the game. I am good with PHP, MySQL, and HTML\CSS. I am most easily reached by email, mark33work@gmail.com, but you can also write me a private message. Thanks you for reading, Mark.
  6. Hello guys! I guess it is the right place to ask.I am new here and to the whole PhP development field also. I need to find a job or even though just understand what can be possible for me,(job in PhP). I want to start dealing with this company It seems to me pretty accessible. I'm interested in level of knowledge that might be needed to work here, think there is a lot of competition. There is a very large demand for qualified PHP developers. I just want to qualify myself to stand out from the crowd. Sup please. How to achieve it? ???
  7. Hello! I'm Mark, a new member here as to all php development))
  8. Markds

    Hy there

    Hi Andrei, nice to meet you!
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