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  1. Thanks. It looks like you are saying a controller class called 'Bank' needs to instantiate Account and Bank Card. I guess this makes sense. Forgive my being a little confused. I struggled with the relationsip side of things coming from a RDBMS background. I saw the "Customer 'has' Account" relationship and thought this must mean instantiates. Is there further reading you can point me to on this aspect?
  2. Please see attached my bank account class files. The key guidance I need is how to instantiate a class from another class. For example, you can see in Customer.class.php, I instantiate a new Account, but am not sure how i pass in the balance and account number to Customer in order that they can instantiate the Account? This is the same as Account instantiate a BankCard object. I am a little confused - any help appreciated. BankAccountApp.zip
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