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  1. Hello, I need help with this: I have a [true/false] answer pulled from a mysql database and displayed in html. Now, I want to php to write a link next to it(the answer) that will flip the answer to false/update the table and rewrite the new url to flip it back to the original case. Anyhelp on this would be great. Example: Want More: Yes <== Now Want More: Yes [a href=\"http://stuff\" target=\"_blank\"]No?[/a] <== Once clicked, it will be No [a href=\"http://stuff\" target=\"_blank\"]yes?[/a] Thanks in advance.
  2. I Hope that i am not too late alreay! As far as php, i am a newbie ("As the name suggests") as far as C++, i been around the block. i would prefer to use C# for mobile devices. especially for pocket pcs', in regards to Zend parser. it was meant for processors on desktops and laptops. but, i will check it out today, and start working on one, and hopefully, i will have something posted about it in the near future. Kind Regards: phpnewbie05
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