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  1. Well after the form is submitted, am just wondering on how this is achievable and on what I should focus on
  2. well let's say the listbox has the values 1. $300-$350 2. $351-$450 3. $451-$550 4. $550-$700 7. $700+ If the user decides to press the tag number 2 for example I want the system to output hardware components from the database with the price range from $351 to $450
  3. What do you mean? The html tag with the select option I am reffering to isn't that listbox? And a submit button of course
  4. Hello guys, am new to this forum. I have a question that i'd like some help with, this is part of my dissertation project. So i'm creating a system that will gather hardware parts from the database manually (I have 7 hardware parts for each component which is cpu,gpu,psu,motherboard,ram and case) for each and the user will input the price tag in the listbox ($300-$450) for example and the system will display hardware parts from the database within that price range. How can I link the listbox with the database? And how can I make the total price from hardware parts display depending on what the user pressed? Thanks
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