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  1. Are you looking to display the hardware components as soon as a "listbox" choice is made...or after the form is submitted? Note that if you want to display the hardware components prior to the form being submitted, you'll need to look into a JavaScript / AJAX solution.

    Well after the form is submitted, am just wondering on how this is achievable and on what I should focus on

  2. Moving on - Trying to figure out what your question is. For what purpose do you want to link your listbox to your database? I'm assuming that you already building the listbox by getting data from the database and looping thru some results to build the option tags. Why do you need a link to the database, or in other words, what are you trying to do once you have it built?

    well let's say the listbox has the values

    1. $300-$350

    2. $351-$450

    3. $451-$550

    4. $550-$700

    7. $700+


    If the user decides to press the tag number 2 for example I want the system to output hardware components from the database with the price range from $351 to $450

  3. What listbox? People don't usually enter stuff into a listbox, so I'm curious what listbox you have that allows that

    What do you mean? The html tag with the select option I am reffering to isn't that listbox? And a submit button of course

  4. Hello guys, am new to this forum. I have a question that i'd like some help with, this is part of my dissertation project. So i'm creating a system that will gather hardware parts from the database manually (I have 7 hardware parts for each component which is cpu,gpu,psu,motherboard,ram and case) for each and the user will input the price tag in the listbox ($300-$450) for example and the system will display hardware parts from the database within that price range.


    How can I link the listbox with the database? And how can I make the total price from hardware parts display depending on what the user pressed?



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