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  1. Found a Solution <? $imgdata = wp_get_attachment_image_src( get_post_thumbnail_id(), 'full' ); $imgurl = $imgdata[0]; // the url of the thumbnail picture $imgwidth = $imgdata[1]; // thumbnail's width $imgheight = $imgdata[2]; // thumbnail's height ?> <? if ($imgwidth >= 500 || $imgheight >= 500){ echo "TEXT"; } ?>
  2. How can i make the following work? echo '<option value="$image1920x1080">1000 x 800</option>'
  3. i Tried the following it returns "list($width, $height)" $img_url is hotlink for full size thumbnail image <?php list($width, $height) = getimagesize('$img_url'); if($width>500 || $height>500) {echo "Image is greater than 500 x 500";} ?>
  4. Hello, can someone please help me out with the following. how can i Echo "text" only if attached thumbnail resolution is over 500px x 500px in wordpress? I want to echo a link if the attached thumbnail is bigger than the specified image resolution. Thanks.
  5. Oops sorry wrong code this is what i am currently using <?php if ( is_home()) { ?> <div class="container"> </div> <?php } ?> <?php if ( is_single()) { ?> <div class="container"> </div> <?php } ?> <?php if ( is_page()) { ?> <div class="container"> </div> <?php } ?>
  6. I want to display a div if the page is homepage, search page or single page of wordpress theme. what would be the proper syntax for it? currently i am doing the following which i think is obviously the least ideal way to do this <?php if ( is_home()) { ?> <div class="container"> </div> <?php } ?> <?php if ( is_home()) { ?> <div class="container"> </div> <?php } ?> <?php if ( is_home()) { ?> <div class="container"> </div> <?php } ?>
  7. Hello, How can i code the following. i want to add a dropdown box in my wallpaper site (wordpress powered) with multiple resolution options when user selects "1920 x 1080" and hits download a wallpaper with "1920 x 1080" resolution must start downloading when user selects "1024 x 768" and hits download a wallpaper with "1024 x 768" resolution must start downloading. I know this is pretty simple and stupid question but i am honestly quite confused on how to do this, can this be done with just html/css or does this need some php codes too? Can you please please
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