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  1. Hello all, First of all, I'm not sure if this is in the right section. Assuming my website is build in PHP I thought this would be the best place for it. Feel free to correct me if I'm mistaken. I've been working on a webpage on my website, which worked fine initially. Now I'm constantly getting a HTTP 500 error. 5 minutes earlier it worked perfect, same code, no changes. Now I have no idea where to start looking for the problem on what could cause this. Anyone have the slightest idea on this? Worth noting that the rest of the website works perfectly fine. Only this one page is giving me a HTTP 500 error. Thanks in advance.
  2. More experimenting with my query gets me the following. SELECT dr.id as 'id', name, dro.rating FROM drive_rating dr LEFT JOIN drive_routes dro ON dro.rating = dr.id Which results in: And when I add the WHERE to the query: SELECT dr.id as 'id', name, dro.rating FROM drive_rating dr LEFT JOIN drive_routes dro ON dro.rating = dr.id WHERE dro.id = 539 It results in: It's slowly getting there. But it's still not what I want it to do. Anyone has any idea how to get this right? Again. I want it to get all the entries from "id" and "name" from the table "drive_ratings" while also checking which "id" in the table "drive_ratings" matches the "rating" in the table "drive_routes".
  3. First image provided was incorrectly, here's the correct one: You can see that the blue fields match in both pictures (thanks to that query), while the red fields do not and should be matching.
  4. Correct. That's because my attempt is for the field "drive rating" in the form. The other query was for the field "cargo type" in the form. Here's extra clarification. Below is one row of data pulled from the database. The image below this, is the page that should fill the <form> fields with the information that is in the database as stated above. The blue field is the field that actually goes correctly. The <option> selected in the <form> on this page, is correct info from the database. The red fields are fields that I still need to fix with a (similar) query. Currently it just selects the first <option> in the list. I want it to select ( "selected") the same value as the one that's said in the database (the row of data I provided).
  5. So I had my own try at this query. This is how far I got: $query = " SELECT dr.id as 'id', name FROM drive_rating dr LEFT JOIN drive_routes dro ON dro.rating = dr.id WHERE dr.id=? "; try { $stmt = $db->prepare($query); $result = $stmt->execute(array($_GET['id'])); } catch(PDOException $ex) { die("Failed to run query: " . $ex->getMessage()); } $results4 = $stmt->fetchAll(); The idea that it gets all the "id" and "name" from the table "drive_ratings" and that it NEXT to that, also check which "id" in the table "drive_ratings" is equal to the "rating" in the table "drive_routes". I feel I'm only missing like one critical thing here but I can't put my finger on it. Anyone has any idea how to complete this query?
  6. Lol no I did not upset him, he just has a different way of doing things. The whole idea was to create a query, that selects the correct option based on the information in the database. Which is something I now also need to apply for other selection fields. Here's the whole thing: $queryCategory = "SELECT *,(SELECT dc.id FROM drive_cargotype dc, drive_routes dr WHERE dc.id = dr.cargotype AND dr.id=? ORDER BY dr.id DESC LIMIT 1) as cargo FROM drive_cargotype"; $stmt = $db->prepare($queryCategory); $stmt->execute(array($_GET['id'])); $categories = $stmt->fetchAll(); Cargo type:<br /> <select name="cargotype" class="form-control"> <?php foreach($categories as $category): ?> <option value="<?=$category['id']?>" <?php if($category['cargo'] == $category['id']){echo "selected";}?>> <?=$category['name']?><option> <?php endforeach; ?>
  7. Hello all, A friend made this query for me in order to get a part of my page working $queryCategory = "SELECT *,(SELECT dc.id FROM drive_cargotype dc, drive_routes dr WHERE dc.id = dr.cargotype AND dr.id=? ORDER BY dr.id DESC LIMIT 1) as cargo FROM drive_cargotype"; $stmt = $db->prepare($queryCategory); $stmt->execute(array($_GET['id'])); $categories = $stmt->fetchAll(); However, he didn't give me an explanation on how this query actually works. With my knowledge I understand some parts of it, but I don't know where to adapt the query so that it's also applicable for other sections of the page. Is there anyone who can help me put the above query to something I'm more used to? (Example below) (This query has nothing to do with previous query, it just shows how I'm used to doing queries and how I can actually understand it) SELECT dr.id ,u.username as 'driver' ,sloc.name as 'start' ,scom.name as 'startcompany' ,eloc.name as 'end' ,ecom.name as 'endcompany' ,cargoweight ,dc.name as 'cargo' ,dct.name as 'cargotype' ,time ,cargodamage ,drt.name as 'rating' ,distance ,price ,costs ,screenshot ,status ,price - costs - cargodamage as 'profit' FROM drive_routes dr INNER JOIN users u ON u.id = dr.driver LEFT JOIN users hb ON hb.id = dr.handledby INNER JOIN drive_locations sloc ON sloc.id = dr.start INNER JOIN drive_locations eloc ON eloc.id = dr.end INNER JOIN drive_companies scom ON scom.id = dr.startcompany INNER JOIN drive_companies ecom ON ecom.id = dr.endcompany INNER JOIN drive_cargo dc ON dc.id = dr.cargo INNER JOIN drive_cargotype dct ON dct.id = dr.cargotype INNER JOIN drive_rating drt ON drt.id = dr.rating WHERE dr.id = ". $_GET['id'] ." "; try { $stmt = $db->prepare($query); $result = $stmt->execute(); } catch(PDOException $ex) { die("Failed to run query: " . $ex->getMessage()); } $rows = $stmt->fetchAll(); $count = $stmt->rowcount(); Thanks so much in advance!
  8. Nevermind this last reply, managed to solve my issue!
  9. I downloaded the CSS file for this, as I assume I need to change it to fixed in there. I've been messing around with it, tried changing a bunch of things to fixed (and back after it didn't work) but I still can't manage to get it working correctly. Here is the css code: #fancybox-loading { position: fixed; top: 50%; left: 50%; width: 40px; height: 40px; margin-top: -20px; ; cursor: pointer; overflow: hidden; z-index: 1104; display: none; } #fancybox-loading div { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 40px; height: 480px; background-image: url('fancybox.png'); } #fancybox-overlay { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; z-index: 1100; display: none; } #fancybox-tmp { padding: 0; margin: 0; border: 0; overflow: auto; display: none; } #fancybox-wrap { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; padding: 20px; z-index: 1101; outline: none; display: none; } #fancybox-outer { position: relative; width: 100%; height: 100%; background: #fff; } #fancybox-content { width: 0; height: 0; padding: 0; outline: none; position: relative; overflow: hidden; z-index: 1102; border: 0px solid #fff; } #fancybox-hide-sel-frame { position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; background: transparent; z-index: 1101; } #fancybox-close { position: absolute; top: -15px; right: -15px; width: 30px; height: 30px; background: transparent url('fancybox.png') -40px 0px; cursor: pointer; z-index: 1103; display: none; } #fancybox-error { color: #444; font: normal 12px/20px Arial; padding: 14px; margin: 0; } #fancybox-img { width: 100%; height: 100%; padding: 0; margin: 0; border: none; outline: none; line-height: 0; vertical-align: top; } #fancybox-frame { width: 100%; height: 100%; border: none; display: block; } #fancybox-left, #fancybox-right { position: absolute; bottom: 0px; height: 100%; width: 35%; cursor: pointer; outline: none; background: transparent url('blank.gif'); z-index: 1102; display: none; } #fancybox-left { left: 0px; } #fancybox-right { right: 0px; } #fancybox-left-ico, #fancybox-right-ico { position: absolute; top: 50%; left: -9999px; width: 30px; height: 30px; margin-top: -15px; cursor: pointer; z-index: 1102; display: block; } #fancybox-left-ico { background-image: url('fancybox.png'); background-position: -40px -30px; } #fancybox-right-ico { background-image: url('fancybox.png'); background-position: -40px -60px; } #fancybox-left:hover, #fancybox-right:hover { visibility: visible; /* IE6 */ } #fancybox-left:hover span { left: 20px; } #fancybox-right:hover span { left: auto; right: 20px; } .fancybox-bg { position: absolute; padding: 0; margin: 0; border: 0; width: 20px; height: 20px; z-index: 1001; } #fancybox-bg-n { top: -20px; left: 0; width: 100%; background-image: url('fancybox-x.png'); } #fancybox-bg-ne { top: -20px; right: -20px; background-image: url('fancybox.png'); background-position: -40px -162px; } #fancybox-bg-e { top: 0; right: -20px; height: 100%; background-image: url('fancybox-y.png'); background-position: -20px 0px; } #fancybox-bg-se { bottom: -20px; right: -20px; background-image: url('fancybox.png'); background-position: -40px -182px; } #fancybox-bg-s { bottom: -20px; left: 0; width: 100%; background-image: url('fancybox-x.png'); background-position: 0px -20px; } #fancybox-bg-sw { bottom: -20px; left: -20px; background-image: url('fancybox.png'); background-position: -40px -142px; } #fancybox-bg-w { top: 0; left: -20px; height: 100%; background-image: url('fancybox-y.png'); } #fancybox-bg-nw { top: -20px; left: -20px; background-image: url('fancybox.png'); background-position: -40px -122px; } #fancybox-title { font-family: Helvetica; font-size: 12px; z-index: 1102; } .fancybox-title-inside { padding-bottom: 10px; text-align: center; color: #333; background: #fff; position: relative; } .fancybox-title-outside { padding-top: 10px; color: #fff; } .fancybox-title-over { position: absolute; bottom: 0; left: 0; color: #FFF; text-align: left; } #fancybox-title-over { padding: 10px; background-image: url('fancy_title_over.png'); display: block; } .fancybox-title-float { position: absolute; left: 0; bottom: -20px; height: 32px; } #fancybox-title-float-wrap { border: none; border-collapse: collapse; width: auto; } #fancybox-title-float-wrap td { border: none; white-space: nowrap; } #fancybox-title-float-left { padding: 0 0 0 15px; background: url('fancybox.png') -40px -90px no-repeat; } #fancybox-title-float-main { color: #FFF; line-height: 29px; font-weight: bold; padding: 0 0 3px 0; background: url('fancybox-x.png') 0px -40px; } #fancybox-title-float-right { padding: 0 0 0 15px; background: url('fancybox.png') -55px -90px no-repeat; } /* IE6 */ .fancybox-ie6 #fancybox-close { background: transparent; filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader(src='fancybox/fancy_close.png', sizingMethod='scale'); } .fancybox-ie6 #fancybox-left-ico { background: transparent; filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader(src='fancybox/fancy_nav_left.png', sizingMethod='scale'); } .fancybox-ie6 #fancybox-right-ico { background: transparent; filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader(src='fancybox/fancy_nav_right.png', sizingMethod='scale'); } .fancybox-ie6 #fancybox-title-over { background: transparent; filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader(src='fancybox/fancy_title_over.png', sizingMethod='scale'); zoom: 1; } .fancybox-ie6 #fancybox-title-float-left { background: transparent; filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader(src='fancybox/fancy_title_left.png', sizingMethod='scale'); } .fancybox-ie6 #fancybox-title-float-main { background: transparent; filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader(src='fancybox/fancy_title_main.png', sizingMethod='scale'); } .fancybox-ie6 #fancybox-title-float-right { background: transparent; filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader(src='fancybox/fancy_title_right.png', sizingMethod='scale'); } .fancybox-ie6 #fancybox-bg-w, .fancybox-ie6 #fancybox-bg-e, .fancybox-ie6 #fancybox-left, .fancybox-ie6 #fancybox-right, #fancybox-hide-sel-frame { height: expression(this.parentNode.clientHeight + "px"); } #fancybox-loading.fancybox-ie6 { position: absolute; margin-top: 0; top: expression( (-20 + (document.documentElement.clientHeight ? document.documentElement.clientHeight/2 : document.body.clientHeight/2 ) + ( ignoreMe = document.documentElement.scrollTop ? document.documentElement.scrollTop : document.body.scrollTop )) + 'px'); } #fancybox-loading.fancybox-ie6 div { background: transparent; filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader(src='fancybox/fancy_loading.png', sizingMethod='scale'); } /* IE6, IE7, IE8 */ .fancybox-ie .fancybox-bg { background: transparent !important; } .fancybox-ie #fancybox-bg-n { filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader(src='fancybox/fancy_shadow_n.png', sizingMethod='scale'); } .fancybox-ie #fancybox-bg-ne { filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader(src='fancybox/fancy_shadow_ne.png', sizingMethod='scale'); } .fancybox-ie #fancybox-bg-e { filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader(src='fancybox/fancy_shadow_e.png', sizingMethod='scale'); } .fancybox-ie #fancybox-bg-se { filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader(src='fancybox/fancy_shadow_se.png', sizingMethod='scale'); } .fancybox-ie #fancybox-bg-s { filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader(src='fancybox/fancy_shadow_s.png', sizingMethod='scale'); } .fancybox-ie #fancybox-bg-sw { filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader(src='fancybox/fancy_shadow_sw.png', sizingMethod='scale'); } .fancybox-ie #fancybox-bg-w { filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader(src='fancybox/fancy_shadow_w.png', sizingMethod='scale'); } .fancybox-ie #fancybox-bg-nw { filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.AlphaImageLoader(src='fancybox/fancy_shadow_nw.png', sizingMethod='scale'); } I guess with that this topic becomes a thing about CSS, so feel free to move it to the right section if needed.
  10. As soon as change line 100 to fixed For example: position: fixed; z-index: 999; -o-transform: scale(1.03,1.03); -ms-transform: scale(1.03,1.03); -moz-transform: scale(1.03,1.03); -webkit-transform: scale(1.03,1.03); transform: scale(1.03,1.03); Or in the way of: position: fixed; It makes the images on the page go crazy. As in, when you hover over the images, it keeps blinking forward and back to other pictures. And when clicked, it still shows the image way down the page like before.
  11. Here's a short video for clarification of the problem. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uHLq6L4zy8&feature=youtu.be
  12. Hello people, I've been trying to work with some code for a lightbox view for pictures. Now the lightbox view works perfectly fine, except for one thing. When you click on a picture, it does get you a zoomed view of the picture in a lightbox, but it doesn't show the lightbox at the current position of the screen and instead you have to scroll way down the page to see it. I'll see if I can get a video in here for clarification of the problem (in case it's still a bit unclear what I mean). Here's the code I'm using: <script type="text/javascript" src="http://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.11.0.min.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="http://code.jquery.com/jquery-migrate-1.2.1.min.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="http://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/fancybox/1.3.4/jquery.fancybox-1.3.4.pack.min.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript"> $(function($){ var addToAll = false; var gallery = true; var titlePosition = 'inside'; $(addToAll ? 'img' : 'img.fancybox').each(function(){ var $this = $(this); var title = $this.attr('title'); var src = $this.attr('data-big') || $this.attr('src'); var a = $('<a href="#" class="fancybox"></a>').attr('href', src).attr('title', title); $this.wrap(a); }); if (gallery) $('a.fancybox').attr('rel', 'fancyboxgallery'); $('a.fancybox').fancybox({ titlePosition: titlePosition }); }); $.noConflict(); </script> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen" href="http://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/fancybox/1.3.4/jquery.fancybox-1.3.4.css" /> <style type="text/css"> a.fancybox img { border: none; -o-transform: scale(1,1); -ms-transform: scale(1,1); -moz-transform: scale(1,1); -webkit-transform: scale(1,1); transform: scale(1,1); -o-transition: all 0.2s ease-in-out; -ms-transition: all 0.2s ease-in-out; -moz-transition: all 0.2s ease-in-out; -webkit-transition: all 0.2s ease-in-out; transition: all 0.2s ease-in-out; } a.fancybox:hover img { position: relative; z-index: 999; -o-transform: scale(1.03,1.03); -ms-transform: scale(1.03,1.03); -moz-transform: scale(1.03,1.03); -webkit-transform: scale(1.03,1.03); transform: scale(1.03,1.03); } </style>
  13. Thanks both of you. Both question answered and after a bit of fiddling I got it to work perfectly fine. I didn't expect my second question to be that much of a simple fix. Thanks once again for the amazing help
  14. I got the anchor thingy working now, I expected that to be fairly simple. Thanks. Now for the editing field, I don't think my explanation was all that good. I created some screenshots to clarify what I'd like to see. Now what you see are edited screenshots, I don't actually have the code working for it to do this. 1. User clicks edit. 2. User gets taken to a input field, where the current value of the "comments" field in the database is already filled in the field. 3. User adds text to the already put into place text and clicks submit. 4. Comments field is updated in the database. I hope these images clarify my explanation (I'm truly horrible at explaining things )
  15. Hello all, I have two small questions to which I couldn't find the answer. First question: How do I create page anchors? A good example of this is wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Train). In it's contents table on the page it has several links, when clicked they scroll you down the page to the right section. Is there a way to do this in PHP and if so how? Second question: How can I edit fiels in PHP, with the current value loaded in? This is a bit of a tricky one. Basically I want it so that a user can UPDATE the fields value, however, when pressing edit, they should see the field already filled in with the information that's currently in the database. So for example: Database has a field "comments", in the comments it says "Appointment made with the user tomorrow at 3 PM". Now the user wants to update this information so he presses EDIT. He should then get to see a form/insert field, that is already filled with "Appointment made with the user tomorrow at 3 PM", which he then can add more text to, for example: "The user did not show up for the appointment". When the user then clicks submit, the full text in the database should be "Appointment made with the user tomorrow at 3 PM The user did not show up for the appointment". I hope this explanation is clear enough and I hope someone can explain me if and how this would be possible. Thanks in advance!
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