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  1. Can you please elaborate your question? If you want your footer in the bottom of a web page than apply some CSS properties like padding or margin.
  2. Here is a link from where you can access full code and guide also about how to add captcha in your form.It is one of the best solutions. http://www.formget.com/codeigniter-captcha-helper/
  3. You can use JQplots. That is the great library for plotting graphs in a website.It is a jQuery plugin having different types of charts with customization features too. I used it and I think it is best solution for integrating charts in your web page,
  4. Why don't you try CodeIgniter?That is a great framework for the web development and the most easiest one too.Anyhow the official site of CakePHP will provide you a detailed documentation of how to use that framework.
  5. Before loading the CKEditor library, you should load the javascript or jQuery libraries.Make sure you following the right way of configuring CKEditor in the web page.
  6. yes of course you can use for loop inside foreach loop.
  7. I check out your website now the hover is working well even on FF.Your home page is looking fine now.
  8. Add a jQuery link before the plugin link.Because your plugin needs jQuery functions and that are not defined that's why it shows an error on your web page. The best practise is always added jQuery before your plugins.
  9. We use ajax to make a request to the server to access its resources while WebSockets are used when we have to communicate with a large data or in real time communication html5 web sockets are used.Furthermore you can check out the solution from here http://blog.safe.com/2014/08/websockets-ajax-webhooks-comparison/
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