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  1. I've figured out the problem. I started the terminal inside a virtual folder created with a symbolic link, opening the terminal inside the folder which actually contains the project everything is working fine.
  2. I'm starting to use Docker with Laravel, so I installed Laradock inside my existing Laravel project following the documentation, every step until the command docker-compose up -d nginx mysql the first time the command works and I can use my application. Then I've used the command docker-compose stop and of course I can't reach my site because the webserver is off running again docker-compose up -d nginx mysql I obtain this error ERROR: for laradock_mysql_1 Cannot start service mysql: error while creating mount source path '/host_mnt/c/xampp/htdocs/laratest/laradock/mysql/docker-entrypoint-initdb.d': mkdir /host_mnt/c/xampp/htdocs/laratest: file exists I've already tried docker-compose down before to run again the up command, but with no luck why does this happen? How do I correctly stop Docker and restart again? P.S. You see the path c/xampp/htdocs, that is where my projects are (until now I was used to use xampp for developing webapps on my local machine), but xampp is now not started, so it doesn't have any effect on Docker. I'm on a Windows 10 machine
  3. I've got a website where users can fill a form, the web application stores the data into the database. Those data are used to create contents on the site. As a user submits the form, I want to post a link to the Facebook page related to the website, but not in name of the user, but as the page itself. I've read a lot of tutorials around, but I couldn't have this working. This is my code at the moment, but of course it doesn't work FacebookSession::setDefaultApplication($app_id, $app_secret); $session = FacebookSession::newAppSession(); try { $session->validate(); } catch (FacebookRequestException $ex) { echo $ex->getMessage(); } catch (\Exception $ex) { echo $ex->getMessage(); } if($session) { try { $response = (new FacebookRequest( $session, 'POST', '/me/feed', array( 'link' => 'www.mysite.it', 'message' => 'some text' ) ))->execute()->getGraphObject(); echo "Posted with id: " . $response->getProperty('id'); } catch(FacebookRequestException $e) { echo "Exception occured, code: " . $e->getCode() . " with message: " . $e->getMessage(); } } What I get is this error message: "Exception occured, code: 2500 with message: An active access token must be used to query information about the current user." As I've understood I miss to login as the page, but I can't uderstand how to do so. Could any one tell me how to chenge the code?
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