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    Jacques1 Advanced Member
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    INSERT IGNORE with Link being a primary or unique key.
    Like This Best Answer Quote MultiQuote     Thanks. Changed the row value to primary. 
  2. manhattes's post in Deleting Duplicate error was marked as the answer   
    Thanks it is slow but worked. my script pulls in an RSS feed and sometimes pulls in data that was already pulled in.
    $citable= "INSERT INTO TableName (Company, Form, Date, Link) VALUES ('" . $FnumI ."',' " . $Form ."','" . $msqldate ."','" . $Flink ."') ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE Company='" . $FnumI ."', Form='" . $Form ."', Date='" . $msqldate ."', Link='" . $Flink ."'"; Is there a way I can only record the data if Link does not exist?
    Yes there is always an id.
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