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  1. There is never ending list of PHP frameworks. Codeigniter, Yii2, Symfony3, Laravel all are good in their places. I would recommend you to use Laravel. When it comes to development, then you cant deny the importance of hosting. Especially when we talk about php hosting then we cant compromise with lower standards. There are many companies which are providing hosting with respect to frameworks. Cloudways is one of them. You may install laravel latest version within few minutes on your server through their platform.
  2. Last year ended with major releases in Web development specially related to PHP. There is a list of updates including Magento 2, Drupal 8, Laravel 5.2, WordPress 4.4 and the most revolutionary release of PHP 7. We conducted a survey at various forums and even contacted influencers to share their expectation from PHP in 2016. Read the post containing expectations or predictions about php trends 2016. Also Node.Js impact on market share of PHP is discussed in details.
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