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  1. I have changed some of the areas you have all mentioned (md5 to password_hash()) and a few other pointers and kept looking for the cause and then I looked at where the email was sent and added single quotes to the link and it now works perfectly. Cheers for all your help and tips, mucho appreciated.
  2. No user can have same email or username. That is checked in the registration page and will reject if the username or email already exists in the database.
  3. I was using 0 and 1 before and it still wasn't working so just trying out different things. It was set up that when a user registers, `active` was set to 0 by default and when activated via activate page (from email link) it would turn to 1 but thought that may have been causing the issue. If I remove the 3rd condition it works as it should but user will never be able to activate account (obviously) but when its there it automatically changes the active state as soon as the user registers.
  4. I am building a site that requires users to register and login to view and use certain parts of the site. When a user registers, an email is sent to them with a link that they need to click to activate their account. The link in the email contains the users email and an activation code and takes them to a page named 'activate' and checks the following conditions... If the email in the url exists in the database (This works) If the activation code in the url exists in the database (This works) If both of the previous conditions are true and the account active state is N then UPDATE `active` in database to Y thus allowing the user to login. (This works but not correctly) What I want to happen is... User registers > User gets email > *** (Anything before this point users cannot login. They will get a message telling them that their account has not been activated) *** > User clicks link > Users account is activated (`active` is changed from N to Y) > User can log in What I have is... User registers > *** (If the user logs in anytime after registration they can log in and the account is activated without clicking on the link in the email) > *** User gets email and clicks on the link > Goes to page and gets a message saying the account has already been activated. I have tested the conditions and if the email does or does't exist I get the correct messages and the same goes for the activation code, but the third seems to happen as soon as the email is sent to the user allowing them to log in before they click the link. Here is the where the email is sent... if ($OK) { // If OK insert data to database mysqli_query($db_connect, "INSERT INTO `users` (`uname`, `password`, `email`, `fname`, `lname`, `contact`, `house`, `street` `postcode`, `regdate`, `activationCode`, `active`) VALUES ('".$uname."', '".$passHash."', '".$email."', '".$fname."', '".$lname."', '".$contact."', '".$house."', '".$street."', '".$postcode."', '".$regdate."', '".$activationCode."', 'N')") or die(mysqli_connect_error()); // Set up email to send function email($to, $subject, $body) { @mail($to, $subject, $body, 'From: Example <info@example.com>'); } // Send email to user for account activation email($email, 'Activate your account', "Hello ".$uname."\nYou have recently created an account using the credentials...\n\nUsername - ".$uname."\nPassword - ".$password."\n\nPlease click the link below to activate your account.\nhttp://www.example.com/activate?email=".$email."&activationCode=".$activationCode."\n\nThank You.\n\n"); echo "<p>A message has been sent to ".$email.", please check your emails to activate your account.<p>"; echo "<p>If you do not receive the message in your inbox please be sure to check your junk mail too.</p>"; session_destroy(); } else { back(); exit(); } Here is the ACTIVATE page... if (isset($_GET['email'], $_GET['activationCode']) === true) { // If email and email code exist in URL $email = mysqli_real_escape_string($db_connect, trim($_GET['email'])); $activationCode = mysqli_real_escape_string($db_connect, trim($_GET['activationCode'])); $query = mysqli_query($db_connect, "SELECT * FROM `users` WHERE `email` = '".$email."' ") or die(mysqli_connect_error()); $result = (mysqli_num_rows($query) > 0); if ($result) { // Check email exists in database while($row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($query)) { if ($row['activationCode'] == $activationCode) { // Check activation code exists in database // THIS IS THE PART NOT WORKING CORRECTLY ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- if ($row['active'] == 'Y') { // Account is active echo $failed."<p>Your account has already been activated. You may <a href='/login'>Log In</a></p>"; } else { // Account not active mysqli_query($db_connect, "UPDATE `users` SET `active` = 'Y' WHERE `email` = '".$email."' LIMIT 1"); // Activate account echo $success."<p>Your account is now activated. You may <a href='/login'>Log In</a></p>"; } // -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- } else { // Activation code is invalid echo $failed."<p>Hmmm, the activation code seems to be invalid!</p>"; } } } else { // Email does not exist echo $failed."<p>Hmmm, ".$email." does not seem to exist in our records!</p>"; } } else { header("Location: /login"); exit(); } Here is the LOGIN page... if (isset($_POST['login'])) { // Create variables from submitted data $uname = mysqli_real_escape_string($db_connect, $_POST['uname']); $password = mysqli_real_escape_string($db_connect, $_POST['loginPassword']); $password = md5($password); // Encrypt password $query = mysqli_query($db_connect, "SELECT * FROM `users` WHERE `uname` = '".$uname."' AND `password` = '".$password."' ") or die(mysqli_connect_error()); // Check if uname and password match $result = (mysqli_num_rows($query) > 0); if ($result) { // If uname and password match while($row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($query)) { if ($row['active'] == 'N') { // Account is not active echo "<p>Your account has not been activated! Please check your email inbox.</p><br />"; } else if ($row['active'] == 'Y') { // Account is active $_SESSION['uname'] = $_POST['uname']; header("Location: /profile"); } } } else { // If uname and password do not match echo "<p>The combination of username and password is incorrect!</p><br />"; } } else { // Default login(); register(); exit(); } Why it is not working correctly or what I am doing wrong? All help appreciated in advance.
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