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  1. I am looking for advice, places for guides or tutorials on how to go about using a mysql database for storing and retrieving user comments/feedback from multiple web pages from my own small and basic web site. Right now I am using one mysql database for storing user comments. The comments data that are produced from the input from any web form, on any page on my site, echo the same comments data onto all web pages when what I am instead looking for is a separation of comments relating to their own unique web page in which the comments were originally applied to, i.e. Having the database know where the original comment came from, which web page, and post the comment to the correct web page. In a nutshell it is a small paranormal web site that will have pages of evp sound files for people to comment on. Thanks for any help anybody may have.
  2. Hello everyone. My name is Bob. I used to do html and css coding some years ago as a hobby. I recently picked it back up and have taken some refreshers to get back up to speed from where I was the last time around. I wasn't familiar much at all with php. I have only as of recent been learning about php and mysql and taking online lessons and I wish I had learned this stuff earlier on. I am seeing the power that these languages have and I want to learn more about them. Other than that I work and spend my time at a local TV station and I do paranormal stuff on the side, evp work. The other day was actually my 11th anniversary with doing evp work. Occasionally I play regular guitar. I got introduced to the bass guitar last year and one time, this year, with both the ukulele and violin. I think the violin might have been a mistake for me, My cat gave me funny looks like he was annoyed with me when i played one. It was borrowed from the local library, as was the ukulele. All I can think of for now. Thanks for having me here. Bob .
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