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  1. ok perfect ! thanks you all =) i'll continue to learn
  2. ok I understand, If i want to add more information can I dot it ? href="productDetails.php?productId=<?php echo $donnees['Id','Id2','id3'] ?>"
  3. Thanks for your reply Scootstah, on this moment my problem is not the productDetails.php page but the global catalog page. I need to create a link on each products who you see on the page to go to the product details. with a form it's method=post but here I don't know really how can I do it. exemple : <a href="<?php productDetails.php?productId" ?> method=POST"> echo '<p> ' . $donnees['Titre'] . '-' . $donnees['Edition'] . '</p>'; </a> I miss something but don't know what...
  4. Hi all, I create a catalogue page. I'made a few products displayed on it. but I want to create a link from the products to have more details of it. product1 - product2 ... if I clic on product 1 I can show (in a lightbox) the details of it. on this moment I do that but don't know how can i create the link for the product. I think need a _post and a _get but not really how do this. If anyone can help me... =) $reponse = $bdd->query('SELECT * FROM MYDB LIMIT 200');while ($donnees = $reponse->fetch()) { ?> <a href="<?php echo $url ?>"> <div class="divGeneral"> <img src='<?php echo $donnees['Image']; ?>' class="imgG" /> <?php echo '<p> ' . $donnees['Titre'] . $donnees['Edition'] . '</p>'; ?> </div> </a> <?php
  5. Adrien

    Hello all

    hi all, I'm a php beginner but want to learn
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