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  1. ok i will hire a developer by paying few funds, its waste to ask for help here. Thanks!
  2. it will suit my requirements. If anyone can provide code please provide php code which does it. Thanks!
  3. my script is phpsunchat www.phpsunchat.com its a instant messaging chat script i want to offer my chat script for free 7 day trial or possible 15 days trial. So what i want to do is i want my visitor to download my script from my website for free and when he uploads the php pages from the ftp software and when anyone from browser opens any page of the script it records the date and time the page loaded the first time and expires the page exactly after 7 days and redirects the pages to my website www.phpsunchat.com The time needs to be set on first load page bases and i just want to add few lines or php code in my pages and if they edit my code they cheat and i can any time complain there host so i am not worried on my chat script to be edited. I am concerned for those websites who have large chat traffic and optimize for public. Any code suggestions ?
  4. i have a php script that i want to provide my visitors for free trial and i want to simply add php code encrypted in php page where my visitors will upload my script on there server and since the first time the page has been run i want it to expire exactly after 7 days. I mean i want the page to redirect to my website purchase page. What is the exact process ? is there a way i can test the code working with 5 seconds of expire ?
  5. I want to make a page expire after 7 days from page loaded on the server without giving date and time, i mean auto expire php page after 7 days from page load, how can i do that, with what code. After 7 days page redirects to a url. I already tried and know some code in php which can expire php page on given day and time but i need a code which will expire php page after 7 days of time it is loaded on server. Can you please post with the code.
  6. Hi, i own gyaro.com and i want to sell gyaro video chat script ownership as well as gyaro musicbox script ownership for $250 with domain name. The reason i want to sell because i needed money. If anyone interested please let me know. Payment accepted through paypal verified member only. Reu.
  7. i am selling gyaro.com with script ownership for $250 if you are interested let me know.
  8. Hi, i have developed a php/jquery/mysql/ajax chat script and you can see latest version at http://www.phpsunchat.com/upgrade/ now if you visit above url from 2 tabs or 3 tabs of same browser or different browser and send a message in chat room on other tab it doesnt receive or show message, what can be the reason ? Is it because of ajax ? I can provide source code to expert who is willing to help me. Thanks, Reu.
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