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  1. Hello, This is my first post on this forum, so please bear with me if it's in the wrong place or anything. I'm not sure if my question can be solved by php or if its an SQL thing. I'm also quite new to all this and still learning.. Case is this: I have a table called "texts". Some of the rows have variances like in the field "level" (1 or 2). What I want to do is to create a recordset inside Dreamweaver and to be able to drag and drop the different fields into the page, so that it echoes $recordset level1 and another for level2. Is this even possible to do with PHP? Also: Is it possible to make an SQL statement to do this? This works: "select text as item1 from texts where profile_id = 1 and level = 1" But what i really want to do (aware that this is not a working code), is: select text as item1 from texts where profile_id = 1 and level = 1 select text as item2 from texts where profile_id = 1 and level = 2 select text as aboutme from texts where profile_id = 1 and about_me = 1 Any advice would be highly appreciated Thanks!
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    Hello, Just introducing myself as new to this site. I can not find any beginner section, could anyone tell me where it's most appropriate to ask beginner php / sql questions? All the best!
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