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  1. I've ran a few forums and websites and never had any of my databases compromised I can tell you that much. dalecosp you can bet your email and info is now gunna be spammed/cracked. I hope your 340 posts here are worth that to you. I mean this forums tag line is "Where knowledge is power" yet the admin/owner has no knowledge of how to secure their own forums database, stop spam bots from regging accounts, or even protect its members from being hacked and info stolen...
  2. Seriously? lol How about FUCK YOU for even trying to play your cards like that. This is 100% your fault for being insecure and allowing this to happen. Not only do you fail as a developer and sysadmin, you fail as a site owner as well. Thanks for letting everyones info get stolen! I know how it occurred. You dont know how to properly admin or run a website or database! Taking a quick look at http://forums.phpfreaks.com/members/ for 1 second shows that you dont even know how to stop spam and bot accounts for registering on the forum. Anyone reading this, I would leave this forum forever and never come back as the owner is insecure and incompetent.
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