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  1. Hey,here's the link I'm sharing check this "http://www.formget.com/create-a-form-in-codeigniter/ " Hope you find it relevant. Good Luck.
  2. Hello friend, according to me you must go for Laravel or symfony.These are good and you will love to work with these frameworks.
  3. Hey,I am sharing a code,check this: public static String getTitle(String address) throws IOException { URL url = new URL(address); BufferedReader reader = null; try { reader = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(url.openStream())); String line = null; while ((line = reader.readLine()) != null) { int start = line.indexOf("<title>"); int end = line.indexOf("</title>"); if (start != -1) { return line.substring(start + "<title>".length(), end); } } return ""; } finally { if (reader != null) reader.close(); } }
  4. 3. Hie,according to me I suggest you for “Python”: Among all, it’s best for “Automation”. Python Web Frameworks like Django allow really Rapid Application Development. Unless, you are aiming for something as low as an Operating System Kernel, or as complex as a thorough Banking Software and UI, Python will serve your purpose.
  5. Hey,,try this in your code: <input type="file" multiple /> To select multiple files you need to press the Ctrl key and click on the files you want to add.
  6. Hey,try this code: $query="SELECT * FROM MY_TABLE"; $results = mysql_query($query); while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($results)) { echo '<tr>'; foreach($row as $field) { echo '<td>' . htmlspecialchars($field) . '</td>'; } echo '</tr>'; }
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