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  1. Hi, I'm having a similar problem, but the @ symbol does not suppress the messages. Here's my code: [code]$gets = "SELECT * FROM mytable WHERE $criteria"; $result = $connector->query($gets); if (!$rows = $connector->getNumRows($result)) { echo $error; }[/code] Here is the function: [code]function query($query) { $this->theQuery = $query; return @mysql_query($query, $this->link); }[/code] I get the "warning" message if the record being searched for does not exist.
  2. Sorry, I posted this in two spots, and I don't see how to delete this one.
  3. I have a from page which requires login with a username and password. It appears to work but when you go to the form page and submit the form, it takes you back to login again. The second time you supply the correct username and password it works fine. Here's code from the form page: <?php //check for authorization session_start(); if ($_SESSION['logged'] != 1) { $redirect = $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']; header ("Location: filemaint_login.php"); die(); } And this is the code from the login page: session_start(); define ('SQL_HOST','blah'); define ('SQL_USER','blah'); define ('SQL_PASS','blah'); define ('SQL_DATB','blah'); define ('SQL_LUSR','blah'); define ('SQL_LPAS','blah'); $_SESSION['logged'] = 0; if(isset($_POST['submit'])) { if ($_POST['username'] == SQL_LUSR && $_POST['password'] == SQL_LPAS) { $_SESSION['logged'] = 1; header ("Location: file_maint.php"); } else
  4. I learned the hard way that you can't use DW to edit phpBB styles. Even if you just change a comment line, undo the change, and upload it, the formatting will be all screwed up. Using a simple freebie code editor works just fine.
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