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  1. How to develop contact us form in PHP?
  2. krishnanayak

    What is web crawler?

    Kon Kalasi....thanks for suggetion
  3. krishnanayak

    What is web crawler?

    What is web crawler?
  4. Which web browser is best for mobile phones?
  5. krishnanayak

    How does 'foreach' actually work?

    Thanks for ur tips...
  6. krishnanayak

    How does 'foreach' actually work?

    How does 'foreach' actually work? someone share your thought...
  7. krishnanayak

    Which CMS is best for E-commerce?

    Can someone explain which CMS is best for E-commerce (For SEO based)
  8. krishnanayak

    What is digital marketing ?

    What is digital marketing ? i just know online marketing is digital marketing someone gives details about digital marketing.
  9. krishnanayak

    The Role of on page optimization

    In the event that we separate SEO into real segments it can be divided into on-page streamlining and from page improvement. These are the accompanying feature of any site that one ought to consider altering with a specific end goal to make your site Search Engine neighborly. 1. Site Accessibility 2. XML Sitemaps 3. Robots.txt 4. Watchword Research 5. Making Content on the off chance that you don't have your on-page advancement settled, even with most grounded third party referencing and moral social sharing you won't not have the capacity to enhance your site perceivability which might directly affect business deals.
  10. krishnanayak

    How to Convert HTML website to Wordpress?

    Please someone gives and idea about How to Convert HTML website to Wordpress?
  11. krishnanayak

    importance of robot.txt?

    A robots.txt document offers guidelines to web robots about the pages the site proprietor doesn't wish to be 'slithered'. Case in point, on the off chance that you didn't need your pictures to be recorded by Google and other web crawlers, you'd square them utilizing your robots.txt document.

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