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  1. hello, i am working on user management PHP MySQL project, where i have a page of user interests, i am trying to keep user interest database history on every changes in MySQL it will store on other database and on user interest page it will show "your last interest was" : ____ Field changed on xx-xx-xxxx date by: member_display_name, approved by: Staff_member_display_name. is there any way to implement this on my project.
  2. Nothing happen. is code working on your Localhost i am using XAMPP 5.6.3 [php: 7.0.3] XAMPP CP V3.2.2 Compiled Nov 12th 2015 also tested on XAMPP Version 5.6.20
  3. Jquery doesn't calling routes_2.php debugger sowing routes_1.php only.
  4. I dont know why but after all error settled up its showing nothing on page also not updating database.
  5. Great sir ! i am pleased that you get a topic to learn because of me btw i am getting a error while executing the Routes_1.php file " Fatal error: Call to a member function fetch_row() on boolean in C:\xampp\htdocs\yatrika\route1.php on line 13 " From where you are calling a Fetch Row Function ?
  6. sir you suggested to show route on Map but i want to retrieve route information from Map so that all things like speed and distance of intermediate will come automatically only i have to feed stops and press ADD, if i do much calculation then all my time will be going to be wasted on adding Database,
  7. I am designing a Website of searching Buses stops and its timings i want to clear some concepts about how can i integrate Google Maps with my Database in PHP so that when i add some stops it will render from Google Maps and create a route pattern accordingly and saves to Database finally. for more clarity i have added a Pic only just need to clear concept i don't want coding's i will do it myself.
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